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    Poor AC performance.

    I know this subject has been discussed many times before, but I couldn't find any discussion on my particular AC system, which has a cool box. Well, my LC is a 2003 4.2TD with front AC + cool box... no rear AC. The compressor clutch engages, and the AC works OK most of the time, but AC stops...
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    Sankei 555, what's the veredict ?

    My LC has 320,000Km (200K miles) and there is some minor play on both ITREs and one LBJ. I think it's time for an ovehaul, and I am considering replacing upper & lower BJ, ITREs and OTREs. Wheel bearings look and feel fine, I think they are the factory ones (TIMKEN). The consensus for 555 parts...
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    Console cool box disassembly - Help !

    My cool box stopped working a few days ago, and It seems like the evaporator fan is stuck or broken. Already tried looking at the Service Manual for a disassembly/assembly procedure but unfortunately, the manual shows the procedure for regular console box, not cool box. They're quite...
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    Any aftermarket/poly shock bushing for front AHC ???

    I have looked at the service manual, and there is no genuine replacement for this part (lower bushing) I did a small search, and it seems they are the same bushing size as the 80 series, but i'm a bit skeptic about this information. Has anybody replaced the front bushings and fitted...
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    1HD-FTE Top speed governor/limiter

    My truck is a LC 100 4.2TD manufactured 10/2003 with 5spd auto gearbox. The speedo can easily reach ~178km/h where there is a noticeable deceleration from some sort of speed governor. Fuel injection is resumed when the speedo reaches ~174km/h... then again: reaches 178, cuts, then resumes at...
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