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  1. 1Fine40

    For Sale  Carb Cooling Fan for sale- Boise area

    1 carb cooling fan from a 9/77 FJ-40 up for sale. Ships from 83709. I'll box it up nice and protected for the buyer. Ran fine when I tested it on the bench, been taking up space on a V-8 conversion for a while now. Has a little over spray on the squirrel cage from a repaint of the rig...
  2. 1Fine40

    Wobbly, sloppy H41 shifter?

    So in the past few months, I have noticed increasing wobble or slop in the shift lever on my H41 4 speed tranny. It now feels really loose and like the detents for the gears 1st through 4th are extremely vague. Transmission doesn't necessarily feel any worse, no excess noise or vibrations...
  3. 1Fine40

    Re-gear, now got the vibes

    Have a 04' Tacoma ExtraCab 4x4 running 265/75R16 rubber for now. Going to 285's when the 265's wear out. Re-geared the rear diff to 4.88 to get back some pep. Drives real nice around town and such, but at Freeway speeds now getting one heck of a vibration?? Was very careful not to have...
  4. 1Fine40

    Killer looking 45 series on Franklin for sale...

    Not mine nor am I affiliated, but it sure looks sweet (and not cheap either!! asking $32500!) It is about a block or so east of 5-Mile on Franklin...Freeborn Red and looking pretty well kept.. Out of my price range, but figured I'd throw it out there if someone is looking... :cheers:
  5. 1Fine40

    For Sale  Heater parts for 9/77 FJ40 in Boise,ID.

    From a 9/77 FJ-40 and in very good condition with no leaks, we have the in cab heater assembly ($80) ,(recently gone through with new foam all around), Buyer chooses and pays for shipping method. All other pieces are sold, only this heater remains.... So here are the pics:
  6. 1Fine40

    For Sale  SBC Plug-in breather available, Boise, ID

    Aluminum Plug-in breather for 1" valve cover holes. Has spigot for connection to air filter housing. Comes with grommet. You pay the shipping, it is yours..:cheers:
  7. 1Fine40

    For Sale  (SOLD!) FJ-40 Aluminum Radiator & Mark VIII fan assy for sale

    Yes, that is right, this is a very efficient radiator which can be coupled with a Mark VIII fan. I ran it this way for several years. But now am adding A/C and there is not enough room for it all, so I'm making changes. Radiator is manufactured By Custom Aluminum Radiators, (McCulloch...
  8. 1Fine40

    For Sale  2 original FJ-40 side mirrors, Boise (SOLD!)

    Brand new in box, $40.00 shipped to anyplace USPS goes in a medium box. Prefer Paypal and hit me with a PM. Cheers
  9. 1Fine40

    For Sale  SOLD, new thread started...

    A powdercoated rear license plate holder for 9/77 -40 $75 plus shipping rear plate mount1 by 1Fine40 posted May 16, 2017 at 2:59 PMrear plate mount 2 by 1Fine40 posted May 16, 2017 at 2:59 PM I also have the spare tire carrier with replaced bushings (Bronze) for a 9/77 40. Includes latch w/...
  10. 1Fine40

    What to use for windshield weatherstrip sealant?

    In the process of installing new front windshield and re-installing other glass on the hard top. What is the recommended sealant to use for them? Would like some collective wisdom on what others have used to seal those windows watertight! Thanks much! And as always, Cheers!:cheers:
  11. 1Fine40

    Any Pix of CCOT rear bench seat mounts??

    Working on a rear seat mount for the bestop bench unit...wondering if anyone has a pic of the CCOT mount that they sell with their version of this seat?? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I hear... Cheers!
  12. 1Fine40

    Replacement seat belts for a 40..

    What have you used? What ones do you like? Refurbishing old ones seems to be pretty expensive and time consuming so I am looking for good alternatives to old worn out belts..specifically 9/77 FJ 40 3 point style. CCOT, SOR appear to have options, are there others that have been used with...
  13. 1Fine40

    Wanted  Seat Riser for 75-78 fj-40 needed.(Found!!)

    I'm after one of these little dudes...PM me if you have one you want to get rid of please. Cheers!
  14. 1Fine40

    For Sale  4- 35x12.50-15 Goodyear MTR's & one Mutt!(SOLD!)

    I have 4 practically new (<500 miles) Goodyear MTR's as noted plus one off brand mud terrain tire with good tread, all mounted on 15 x 8 steel wheels that are straight and undamaged. Will consider selling only the tires but would like the rims to go as well. Prefer local sale in Boise Idaho...
  15. 1Fine40

    For Sale  (SOLD)4 Brand new OEM hubcaps

    Still in the wrapper, never mounted, ready to go. $85.00, cheap shipping (ground) included. Cheers!
  16. 1Fine40

    For Sale  77' FJ-40 Tail Lights, Idaho

    I have a set of used tail lights that have been coated on the back side with POR-15, yeah, they were rusty! The POR has held up remarkably well for about 10 years now. The lens have some cracks but are in one piece. A new set of gaskets will also be sent. Price is $25.00 for the pair plus...
  17. 1Fine40

    For Sale  Military Trailer J-Hook safety chains

    Have these safety chains available. Figured I would see if anyone had something they wanted to trade for them? Could sell and ship I guess but would entertain trade offers too. I'm looking for two OEM FJ-40 welded rims with clips if that is something you want to barter with. Cheers!
  18. 1Fine40

    For Sale  77 FJ-40 Qtr. Panel patches

    I have a set of CCOT quarter panel patches available for a 40. They don't seem to have a different one for early or late model years. My 40 is a 9/77. I just don't have the time to do them right and have opted to go a different direction for my resto/repair. They have not been altered from...
  19. 1Fine40

    For Sale  33X12.50-15 Dick Cepek FC II's for sale

    4- Dick Cepek Fun Country II tires, practically new, less than 1/32" of wear, no cuts or bruises, perfect for Daily Driver summer and winter use. Will ship at buyer's expense, prefer local sale. Located Boise, Idaho. $750 obo PM me if interested. (I accidentally posted these in the parts...
  20. 1Fine40

    (4) 33X12.50-15 DCII for sale-Boise area

    4- Dick Cepek Fun Country II tires, practically new, less than 1/32" of wear, no cuts or bruises, perfect for Daily Driver summer and winter use. Will ship at buyer's expense, prefer local sale. Located Boise, Idaho. $750 obo PM if interested.
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