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  1. kcobourn

    SOLD San Diego: 2006 Land Cruiser - 46K Original Miles - SW Vehicle

    Congrats on such an amazing truck. One of the few I 'wish' I had held out for vs. my one owner 72k mile truck ;-) Worth every penny.
  2. kcobourn

    eBay 2007 LC 102k miles

    One heck of a deal congrats I hope it works out!
  3. kcobourn

    For Sale Oregon 2006 LC 79k miles

    This truck is worth near $30,000+ if you spend a bit of time doing some marketing & are patient. Definitely suggest posting on multiple sites to get as many eyeballs as possible. A few months ago I turned down an offer near $30,000 for my 2006 that has 100,000 miles. The only way people get...
  4. kcobourn

    For Sale Tell your buddies looking for a clean example low mileage 100!

    @TXLCdood - bummer your thread was co-opted by a bunch of trolls. 'mudders - bravo for starting this dumpster fire of a for sale listing I enjoyed reading it PS - I have a stock 2006 with 103,000 & turned down an offer for $29,000. I said no because I know that finding another one this nice...
  5. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 Land Cruiser, 118k, Rust free, Immaculate Condition! New BFGs!! - $24900 (Fort Worth)

    Marketing 101 go where your customers are. If 100 series buyers aren’t here where are they and how does an enthusiast community qualify as unwary? By being on the forum people self-select as higher than average acumen when it comes to land cruisers.
  6. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 Land Cruiser, 118k, Rust free, Immaculate Condition! New BFGs!! - $24900 (Fort Worth)

    I bought three trucks with this guy. He has good product and deserves a chance to operate in a free market.
  7. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 Land Cruiser, 118k, Rust free, Immaculate Condition! New BFGs!! - $24900 (Fort Worth)

    It’s about hijacking someone’s for sale thread. @ace10 I singled you out because you clearly have an opinion ... here isn’t the place for that. Post your grievances about our market in the forum where everyone can focus on that topic. Commenting on how he’s going to make a profit isn’t...
  8. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 LX470 Expo

    It’s still local to AUSTIN it’s just South of river now...saw it last week can’t miss it
  9. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 Land Cruiser, 118k, Rust free, Immaculate Condition! New BFGs!! - $24900 (Fort Worth)

    Isn’t this a sales listing? Since when is it a crime to let simple supply/demand work? Arbitrage (or flipping as you guys call it) has existed for ages and will continue unless some socialist a-holes decide “it’s not fair” for some people to profit for their effort while others pay for it...
  10. kcobourn

    For Sale WTB a Unicorn: 06/07 LX470

    >= $29k IMO
  11. kcobourn

    craigslist Blk 63K 2006 Portland, OR LC - $29K (NOT MINE)

    I didn’t see that!
  12. kcobourn

    craigslist  Blk 63K 2006 Portland, OR LC - $29K (NOT MINE)

    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Very low Miles Seller's pretty specific about in person & proof of cash before disclosing / driving. For those who prefer 100s over 200s this is a potential diamond IMO.
  13. kcobourn

    For Sale 2004 LX470 Expo

    Yea ... I didn't list my last 100 here 'cause this market tends to be very tough on sellers ;). I got $3K over what everyone here swore it was worth (150K 2006 stock galactic LC). A few months ago someone listed a great rig for sale. They included a pricing breakdown that showed pricing for...
  14. kcobourn

    For Sale 2006 LC in San Diego, CA

    I'm a 100-series only kind of guy ... whenever people compare to 200-series I ignore :) ... plus, consider the engineering standards of Toyota during the 90s (when this was designed) vs. today when Toyota is more about brand/marketing than engineering. Plus the 200-series looks like the last...
  15. kcobourn

    For Sale 2006 LC in San Diego, CA

    Wow. If that was a sub 85,000 mile truck then I'd understand that price. FWIW I bought a 2 owner NorCal truck 2/2017 that had 130k miles for $24.2K. My current 2006 is non-AHC & has 75k, I'm the 2nd owner (TX entire life), dealer maintained since new ... I would ask a price like that. Both...
  16. kcobourn

    Wanted Buying advice 80K mile LX

    Crazy pricing by what standards? 80k LXs easily get high 20s & LCs get into the 30s for great condition rigs.
  17. kcobourn

    For Sale 2007 LX470 - 78k Miles

    Pricing for current owners should be a good thing when it’s higher. Not sure why this board consistently under values these things. But hey, what do I know.
  18. kcobourn

    craigslist 06 130k miles, Austin, TX

    SO you were the guy who beat me to it eh? Congrats & happy to see that it went to a good home.
  19. kcobourn

    eBay 2006 Land Cruiser. Not mine.

    That truck was listed months ago for 2X+ that price. CL maybe? No way this is real.
  20. kcobourn

    For Sale  2001 built land cruiser overland 35" tires Arb lockers (NOT MINE)

    2001 built land cruiser overland 35 tires Arb lockers Someone get it before it's too late!
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