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    For Sale  Thinking about buying this one- Advice

    Thanks everyone for the help as I think I’m getting closer to buying my first FJ40. Found the one below and think I’m ready to pull the trigger on it. Before I do, is there anything that you guys see here that I should be aware of in the pictures? Any questions that I should specifically be...
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    For Sale Any thoughts on this one?

    Thanks, but I’ve got myself set on trying to find one 1975 or later. Appreciate the help!
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    For Sale Any thoughts on this one?

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the assist. Have a budget of $12K-$14K and trying to find something that’s mechanically sound but in the 1975+ years. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    For Sale  Any thoughts on this one?

    Looks like a pretty nice rig but I’m still a bit wet behind the ears on these. Any thoughts from Mud? Thanks!
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    Wanted  1977 or later FJ40 (Nashville)

    Looking for an original FJ40 with a solid body and minimal rust. Stock motor and interior preferred. Running and mechanically sound. Prefer Capri Blue or Beige. I'm in Nashville, TN but willing to travel if necessary Willing to spend $10K - 15K
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    craigslist 1976 FJ40 Fayetteville, TN $12k, not mine

    Not yet. I've requested more pictures but haven't received anything.
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    craigslist 1976 FJ40 Fayetteville, TN $12k, not mine

    Hey all, I live in Nashville and was thinking about going to look at this one. I’m completely new to the FJ40 world and I’m not 100% sure what to look for in a first rig. The engine looks different than other engines I’ve seen in pictures but I don’t know enough to ask the right questions. Any...
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