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    is this possible? modding side markers / corner lamps on LX470 2003+ to blink

    Has anyone seen a modification that enables the side markers / corner lamps of a LX470 ('03+) to blink with the turn signal?
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    LED recommendation for side markers?

    One of my side markers burned out and I'm considering upgrading to LED. Couldn't find out what folks on the forum are using.. 1. If you've done this upgrade, which LED did you opt for? 2. Are there any risks to using LED replacements to the electrical system? If you have photos of the final...
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    how important is the Coolant Flush?

    Hi - new to maintaining my truck and haven't flushed the coolant system for nearly 60,000 miles. Liquid still looks red and at the right levels. Does the coolant liquid lose its chemical and thermal properties over time? Is it partially cleaning the coolant system too, and therefore you would...
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    Wood/Leather steering wheel - Experiences with Dallas Custom?

    Hello, I'm looking to replace the leather on my wood/leather steering wheel (LX470 2003). Photo here: I've heard a lot about Dallas Custom Steering Wheel. Does anyone have photos of their finished wheels after some usage? Separately, I saw photos from @katit - do you still do leather...
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    Mechanics trusted in Texas (ideally Austin?)

    Hello! I'm in Austin for the next 4-6 months and was hoping to make a pitstop to a trusted mechanic to help with the front end wheel work (bearings, cleaning, axles). Does anyone have recommendations? Much appreciated!
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    Preparing for a 2,000 drive with a 160,000 mile, 2003 cruiser

    Hello! I am preparing to drive half-way cross country (~2,000 miles) with a 2003 LX470 (~160,000 miles). I bought it from the first owner who had it maintained at the Lexus dealership up until 110,000. She had an accident on the front right, which she needed to replace the steering rack. I...
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    what could it be? beeping alarm, but no warning lights on dash.

    Hello, This is repeatable for me. I turn my steering wheel full left or full right, then reverse the truck slowly. After a few feet I hear a loud "CLUNK". Sound like a metal axle popping out or something. Then soon after, the beeping alarm from the dash, but no warning lights. I usually...
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    recommendations for mechanic shops in San Francisco or Los Angeles area? Wheel bearing service.

    Hello! Does anyone have recommendations for shops (or ideally, mechanics) in the SF or LA areas? If it's just a guy and a garage... even better. I'd love to just watch and learn if possible. I think I need my wheel bearings inspected and packed. Mainly worried about the C-clips on the CV axles...
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    Am I BLIND? Where is the Overdrive button?

    Hi everyone, I've been doing extensive research on how to tow with the LX470, and have read a number of accounts to TURN OFF overdrive while towing, even on the highway. But I can't find the button to press for the life of me... Could someone please kindly help. Or is it not available on the...
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    LX470 stuck after hitting pot hole - help please

    Hi All! 2003 LX470 with about 150,000 miles. Yesterday was driving in a back alley with large pot holes and my front right wheel hit a pot hole. Moments later, a horrible screeching sound that pitched higher as i revved the engine and loss of power to all wheels. Turned off the engine...
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    trying to identify -- engine bay tube support

    Hi all! I have a tube inside a 2003 LX470 engine bay. The tube is supported to the interior wall of the engine bay, closest to the cabin. The plastic tube support broke and now the tube flaps around. Here is a photo of which part I am referring to (not sure if it will appear in line or...
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    what is causing this creaking noise when i do an extreme turn?

    Whenever I try to parallel park, I turn my steering wheel to one extreme lock or the other, and then travel forward or backward. Right after I spin the steering wheel and move an inch, I hear this loud noise that sounds like metal buckling... After 1-2 quick buckles, the noise goes away. Any...
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    LX470 drop in high beam bulb upgrade?

    Did the HID retrofit by @Luke111 - had a lot of fun working on it. But now my Low Beam is considerably more powerful than my High Beam. I wouldn't want to do an intense install for the High Beam like the HID retrofit, but has anyone found an direct replacement bulb for the High Beam that has...
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    is the trim in LX470 real or fake?

    All of the wooden trim in the 2003 LX470 feels fake, except for the wood on the steering wheel. Is that correct? Has anyone tried replacing the trim with real wood (assuming it is fake)? Came across this and wish we could do something similar.. Custom Model 3 Wood Dash - YouTube -
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    POLL: AMSOIL engine oil flush??

    Was ordering oil for an upcoming replacement and came across this: Engine and Transmission Flush Does anyone have experience with it? Any risks? 2003 LX470 with 130,000 miles
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    recommendations on a power bleeder for brake flush?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a power bleeder tool for a 2003 LX470? Did a forum search and came across this, but it didn't seem to be conclusive: Motive Power Bleeder
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    mechanic wants to replace PLENUM GASKET with spark plug change?

    I received a quote from a local mechanic - after I told him I was interested in changing the spark plugs, he also added a note to change the PLENUM GASKET (Lexus Plenum Gasket 17116-50010 | LexusOfKendall) without inspecting the vehicle (2003 LX470). Did a search on the forum and didn't come...
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    spark plug removal guide?

    Hi all Been searching the threads and can't seem to find a thread includes how to remove a spark plug. Is it simple enough to not need a guide? Step by step guide Recommended tools to make the job easier Recommends parts to replace that are related to the spark plug replacement Sorry to ask...
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    Video review of Dissent rear swingout bumper? + convince me why I need this

    Hi all, I'm on the fence to get this bumper.. I really just like it for the looks and build quality, but I can't logically convince myself why I need it. 1. Does anyone have the rear swingout bumper and could shoot a quick walkthrough of the bumper and its operation? 2. Can you convince me of...
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    quilted cargo area mats: 50-60% discount

    Not affiliated with this company, but a few days ago I ordered one of their quilted cargo area mats to keep in line with the LX470 'plush' interior. I used the coupon code HOLIDAY to get 60%, but I'm not sure if it's still running. Looks like PAW for 50% off works though. Link: Cargo area...
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