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  1. merlinridesagain

    For Sale  NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

    It pains me to do this but I just don’t see myself putting the time in that this deserves. So up for sale it goes to someone who can give this the time and attention it needs. I’d prefer local pick up and hopefully someone wanting to keep this original… 1971, mostly unmolested, FJ40 with...
  2. merlinridesagain

    For Sale  10/72 to 1/79 Cluster

  3. merlinridesagain

    Wanted  speedo 3/69 through 9/72

    This is for a 8/71 but I believe something in the 3/69 to 9/72 will work. Screw in cable no indicator lamps on speedo. If the guages don't work, that's OK - just need a functional speedo to fix my broken one. Thanks
  4. merlinridesagain

    Uncovering the original paint - aka how do you remove a lot of rattle can

    I need some help with working out the most efficient way to get the original paint back. When I bought this 71 40 last year I knew it had paint issues, but that didn't worry me so much as the body/frame was in good shape: After working on it and addressing the major issues I decided to...
  5. merlinridesagain

    [CA - SF Bay] CL - 40 rivited rims and caps (No Assoc)

    Gave the guy a call and found they were rivited, but someone may be interested.... toyota fj40 rims
  6. merlinridesagain

    Any hope for this 2F?

    The crank wouldn't turn so I initially thought I'd put some oil in the cylinders and let it soak. Then I started looking around: plug holes, manifold, etc and then decided to take the head off: Block: Cyl #1 (water pump end) Cyl #2 The liquid is the excess oil that didn't...
  7. merlinridesagain

    Wanted  71 FJ40 drivers side bench seat hook

    These hooks are to prevent the seat folding forward. This is what the passenger side looks like:
  8. merlinridesagain

    Wanted  2F in Bay or Sacramento area

    Update: Thanks BlueHZT60 for the 2F replacement. No longer looking thanks. My new to me 1.5F has bad compression and oil in the radiator, so I'd like a 2F that will last me a while or can be rebuilt in the future. Thanks for looking
  9. merlinridesagain

    71 FJ40 A work in progress...

    Well it's taken me about a year to take the jump and bring a 40 home, but today was the day. It's been pretty hard to find one that hasn't been too modified, but I think this is as close as I'm going to get. It's an 8/71 that seems to have lived in Northern California for most of it's life...
  10. merlinridesagain

    Completely stock FJ40 images (1968-1974)

    So I'm looking for a mostly unmodified 40, pre-1975, and struggling to recognizing what has or has not been modified. It's mostly the subtle changes like lights, reflectors, mirrors, that I'd like to understand. Does anyone have any example sites/images of completely stock 40s? For...
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