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  1. TemeculaTim

    Colombian Cruisers

    Been wandering around Colombia the last two weeks and saw some cool rigs. Tons of Nissan Patrols and Landrovers as well.
  2. TemeculaTim

    2F Oil pump clearance to crankshaft question

    I was down at my local machine shop and they had an 85 2F short block that had recently been rebuilt. The mechanic told me the owner installed it and it had a slight knock when it was first started up. Guess after they gave up trying to figure it out they went ahead rebuilt a second block. they...
  3. TemeculaTim

    89 3FE and 85 2F shortblock - gauging interest

    Looking to clear up some space in the garage and see if I could pique any local interest. I have a complete 1988 3FE with roughly 150,000 miles on it- so its just broken in :) . I bought it from a Vegas Mudder who put a 5.7 into his 62. Engine is complete- includes all accessories, PS pump...
  4. TemeculaTim

    I saw you heading west on I-40

    Anyone on here buy this? I was driving on the 40 outside of Flagstaff last Friday afternoon and saw it heading westbound on a flatbed. :cheers: Was listed on Flagstaff CL for $5,000.00.
  5. TemeculaTim

    Reducing road noise

    I am re-doing a 76 hardtop and wanted to know if anyone has used any type of sound deadening material on the fiberglass top. Since I need to replace the headliner anyway - I was thinking I could also reduce a lot of road noise and maybe provide some better insulation properties by adding a...
  6. TemeculaTim

    Hey Pat - get a new bumper yet?

    Did you really think you were gonna get away with this? :flipoff2:
  7. TemeculaTim

    Surf N Turf 2011 - Who's going

    Time to start planning......... Miss this one and you will be sorry. ;)
  8. TemeculaTim

    Wheelin Day trip 3-20

    Planning a run this Sunday with some fellow BNT club members. Heading up to explore Duranso Valley around the Pawnee mine area. This road runs parallel to the 79 from Chihauha Valley road above Oak Grove and ends in the Anza area. We were there last year and found a couple of fun trails near...
  9. TemeculaTim

    Wanted  Tundra ARB bumper

    I know its a Long shot- but looking for an ARB winch bumper for a 2003 Tundra access cab. Thanks Tim:steer:
  10. TemeculaTim

    Reel Steel replacement panels

    I pulled a bonehead move last weekend and flopped my 40 on its side. I tweaked the drivers side quarter panel, fender, windshield, and my already fragile ego;). I was wondering if any one has used the aftermarket replacement quarter panels from Reel Steel in Texas and what opinions are...
  11. TemeculaTim

    Anza Borrego 23-24

    I am heading down to Anza Borrego the weekend of the 23-24- . Will be camping in Borrego Palm Canyon and doing Lower Coyote Canyon on Saturday in the 40. Also - that weekend's gonna have a full moon on Saturday night and I may do a run through the badlands that evening.
  12. TemeculaTim

    Zion Adventure Company

    I was in Zion over the weekend and rented some Canyoneering equipment from the Zion Adventure Company. Soon as I pulled into the lot on Saturday, I knew they were gonna have good stuff. :D
  13. TemeculaTim

    Tundra shell for sale.

    I finally scored on a 4-wheel pop-up camper for my Tundra so I need to sell my snug top. I am going to list it for $400.00 on CL - but will sell to anyone on this forum for $300.00 Here is a link to the post in the SD section...
  14. TemeculaTim

    Need a frame measurement

    Can any of you 62 guys tell me what the center to center dimensions are between your front frame motor mount holes? I am dropping a 3FE into a 55 and I want to make sure I get it lined up correct. Know others have used the 2F mounts with little or no issues but I am retaining the stock 3FE...
  15. TemeculaTim

    Selling some neglected toys

    Selling some RC gliders and equipment. Two complete planes and one partially assembled. Also have two radios and gear box. Large blue and white plane has 8Ft wingspan and was hand built in the 80's. This plane has a high level of detail and is a real beautiful glider. This plane spent many...
  16. TemeculaTim

    88 A440 for sale

    See classified parts for sale post for pictures A440- So Cal I have a complete 1988 A440 transmission I would like to sell. The transmission came attached to a motor I bought that had about 180,000 miles. Also comes with engine mounting plate, flexplate and torque converter. Output shaft...
  17. TemeculaTim

    A440- So Cal

    I have a complete 1988 A440 transmission I would like to sell. The transmission came attached to a motor I bought that had about 180,000 miles. Also comes with engine mounting plate, flexplate and torque converter. Output shaft looks good and fluid appears fresh and clean. Would be good for a...
  18. TemeculaTim

    Sawmill Trail 9-25

    Any one up for a run up Sawmill trail Sunday 7-25? Plan was floated at the last B-N-T meeting. Some may be heading out Saturday to camp on Thomas Mt. The SD group is overdue for an organized wheeling event and this is a great local run. Who's in??
  19. TemeculaTim

    5.9 shaker

    You guys feel it? It was a doosey. Just got home and was letting the dog out of his yard - he started howling and barking strangely- then everything starting shakin. I almost schat my drawers--- need a shot and a beer downgraded to 5.4- still felt like good shaker
  20. TemeculaTim

    need a rear differential cover for a 40 axle

    Any one have one they can part with? Always willing to do a trade. I have a selection of 40,45,and 55 parts. thanks, Tim:steer:
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