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  1. NMuzj100

    Hello New Member here

    Your post appears to be in the wrong forum. But ... Glad to hear you got everything running.
  2. NMuzj100

    For those of you without manuals.....MUST READ FOR ALL!!

    Can you open non-pdf files using Acrobat Reader ? You can also select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer (They need a better name) as your printer and generate computer files instead of paper.
  3. NMuzj100

    No more Tuna can for me

    Looks sharp! I think a airbox to isolate the intake from the engine heat would give you the most performance improvement. Especially in gridlocked California traffic. Is there a shield or screen to keep bugs out of your pretty pink filter?
  4. NMuzj100

    Broke my air intake flex hose

    Cruiser heads aren't only ones using duct tape ......
  5. NMuzj100

    Broke my air intake flex hose

    my $.02 - use the all metal heating duct tape (warning very sharp) and not the plastic tape with fibers in it and you will have a fix that looks alot better and may outlast the truck if you decide to leave it. An immediate oil change would be a good idea too. Had the same problem in my...
  6. NMuzj100

    NASCAR Toyota Tundra Team uses....

    Any comments on the likelyhood of a rock or other foriegn object getting lodged in a slot or hole on the slotted/crossdrilled rotors and preventing proper pad contact. Has anyone seen that happen or like me just hear it talked about as a theorectical possiblitity.
  7. NMuzj100

    urban camo for a white 80-series?

    I like the # 16 pattern here and it is somewhat like drexx was looking at in the first post but with digitally softened edges. Digital Camo from Hyperstealth - This is the company that developed the pattern for the Jordanian uniform seen in the earlier pictures. I think a vinyl sticker...
  8. NMuzj100

    Tire vs Tire, help me pick..

    Tires are not an ebay item. Large and heavy and need to be installed, balanced and serviced locally. I say go with a national chain with a local outlet. Whoa - 300 posts I need a timer to get me off the computer. :D
  9. NMuzj100

    wet highway traction

    +1 on that being normal. I have never been in any car that didn't "pull" into the side being "dragged" on by the water. The amount of drag could be different for a wider tire (?) and the cushy LX ride might add some extra body sway to the feeling of the "pull".
  10. NMuzj100

    Fzj80 - Four Wheeler Magazine

    I was talking about the cost to Mr. Slee of his Ad uh, I mean article.
  11. NMuzj100

    Fzj80 - Four Wheeler Magazine

    How much did it cost? ;)
  12. NMuzj100

    Perils of overfilled transmission?

    I see mixed opinions on this. Looks like it might vary from tranny to tranny. From Tranny Shop FAQs - Will it hurt to overfill the transmission fluid? Not really, but because transmission fluid doesn't compress, and air does, severe overfilling may make the fluid become aerated. This...
  13. NMuzj100

    Starts in 2nd gear.

    He and the Maytag repairman probably crank call each other. :D
  14. NMuzj100

    Fzj80 - Four Wheeler Magazine

    Also had a sweet Slee supercharger.... How much weight does that add ? When I said that the article was basically a Sleeoffroad ad, I meant it as a compliment.
  15. NMuzj100

    Mobil 7500 and oil weights

    Maybe Mobil 1 Truck and SUV in 5w-40 or Rotella T Semi-synthetic in 5w-40 is what you are looking for.
  16. NMuzj100

    Fzj80 - Four Wheeler Magazine

    Another sweet Cruiser done by Slee Offroad and the best Cruiser article in Four Wheeler in the last couple of years. How did they know I was going to drop my subscription because of a lack of Toyota coverage? The Article ends up being pretty much a Slee Offroad ad since they made and...
  17. NMuzj100

    Chevron Delo 400 rating OK for FZJ?

    If you are looking for a HDEO that is affordable,well regarded and dual (gas and diesel) rated I would look into the Shell Rotella T - Synthetic. It is a Group III Synthetic and in the 5W-40 Rating should be good for cold weather. I see it at Walmart for $13 a Gallon.
  18. NMuzj100

    Clay bar...

    Try this site for all your detailing questions. They are the for auto detailing. Autopia link for using a clay bar - Cleaning with Clay ( Attractive Model Warning ) I think the Mother's and Clay Magic bars both get positive reviews from those in the know...
  19. NMuzj100

    Swearing in posts here on Tech

    +1 for a mature board.
  20. NMuzj100

    ATF question

    For Toyotas before with automatic transmissions pre-2000 Dextron II/III ATF is going to be fine and Mobil 1 great. For info about available Toyota T-IV ATF See this thread ATF ? Thread Type-IV appears to be a very slightly modified Dextron III type product for use in certain...
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