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  1. jlg32281

    For Sale  1996 LX450 Lifted Locked 37's $8000 - Southeast Texas REDUCED $7,000

    This is a southern truck and is rust free. I've owned it for about 6 years. I had the seats re-upholstered with real leather about 4 years ago, so the seats look good. This one does have the factory front and rear locking differentials. 190k miles. Mods: Auxilary cooling fan for AC...
  2. jlg32281

    96 LX locked on 37's

    Ask any question, I'll be as honest as possible. Truck is not perfect, but runs well and has been well maintained by me. Oil pan seal leaks but not worth fixing to me. PHH has been fixed with silicone hose. 1" body lift with grade 8 hardware, FOR Gen II springs up front, Ironman out back...
  3. jlg32281

    Largest Diehard that will fit?

    I know it's somewhere on here, but I don't have time to dig. What is the largest Diehard I can fit in the stock location without modifying.
  4. jlg32281

    PHH and heater hose simultaneous failure!

    I just hit 180k and both hose gave way. The heater hose under the passenger's seat started leaking. I didn't discover it until I was under the truck repairing the catastrophic failure of the PHH. 180k, they served me well. They broke just in time for me to flush and re-fill coolant for the...
  5. jlg32281

    37x12.5x16 SS Radial TSL's!

    I picked up a set of 4 Radial SSR TSL's today in the 37x12.5R16 variety. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't pass on the price. We'll see how they fit. I'm running FOR front springs with 30mm spacers and Ironman 2.5" springs with 30mm spacers. I have MAF control arm brackets...
  6. jlg32281

    Help with MAF brackets and lift.

    I'm on day two of installing my lift. I was expecting it to be much easier. We got the front springs and shocks in; that took some work. Now we're trying to get the MAF brackets in and it's not looking good. The brackets bolt to two of the bolt holes for the tranny cross-member. On each...
  7. jlg32281

    Will this fit an 80?

    Will this fit an fzj 80? Found this for sale locally from a guy that bought it and it doesn't fit his car. I searched but I suck at searching.
  8. jlg32281

    Sony 6 1/2" on sale for $15!

    I just ordered a pair of these for the rear doors of my 80. Sales tax will vary, but it was $17.05 to my door. Here's a link to the sale and the link to the speakers on the Sony web page. Enjoy! Sony XS-GTF1627 6.5" 2-Way 190 Watts Car Speakers Pair - XS-GT1627A | Xplōd™ GT...
  9. jlg32281

    For Sale  WTB 37x12.5 MT

    I'm looking for a set of 37x12.5 MT's in either the 16", 17", or 16.5" variety. I'm looking for tires with at least 75% tread left. Shipping would probably be a deal killer, but I am willing to travel within 250 miles of Beaumont, TX. Let me know what you've got and a price.
  10. jlg32281

    Who's running 37x12.5 r17 KM2's?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on these and they come with some wheels with 5" back spacing, discuss.
  11. jlg32281

    Dallas (Waxahachie) to Houston: a few parts

    I'm looking to buy some parts from a guy in Waxahachie. I'm looking for a way to get them to Houston or Beaumont. The parts are brackets for a lift, the largest measuring around 36 inches. The seller says he can meet up at I-45 or I-35. Let me know if you can help out and your price.
  12. jlg32281

    WTB shocks for a 2 1/2" lifted 80.

    I'm looking for a deal, somebody sell me something! What ya got? Give me prices with shipping to 77662.
  13. jlg32281

    Wanted  MAF 3" or 4" drop brackets

    Looking to get a set of the MAF front control arm drop brackets. I would prefer the 3" version, but if the price is right, I'll entertain the 4" version. You know you want to get Landtank plates anyway. Take off those low hanging brackets and sell them to me!
  14. jlg32281

    Wanted  80 series MAF control arm drop brackets, 3" or 4"; rear lift springs

    I'm piecing together a lift and I need drop brackets. (I'm not asking for your opinion of why plates are better than brackets.) I also need some rear springs, preferably TJM but I will consider Ironman or OME if the price is right. This is all for an 80. PM me.
  15. jlg32281

    For Sale  LX450 Wheel caps

    These are in good shape. No cracks or broken tabs. $10 each plus shipping.
  16. jlg32281

    CEL P0133 - Usual culprit?

    I've been throwing this code for the past six months and I'd like to fix it now. My initial guess is the front O2 sensor needs changing. Discuss.
  17. jlg32281

    Wanted  MAF 3" or 4" drop brackets

    I'm in need of some MAF 3" drop brackets to correct for my Frankenlift ( If the price is right, I could use 4" brackets in stead. Let me know if you have either and your price shipped to 77662. Forgot to say it's...
  18. jlg32281


    I recently got my hands on some FOR gen II front coils so now I'm starting to piece together a lift. My plan thus far is to go with FOR on the front and TJM springs with 30mm spacers on the rear with Doetsch shocks on all four. I've read more threads than I would like to on lifts and options...
  19. jlg32281

    RTH for AC guys

    I'm attempting to repair my AC since I have 78* vent temps and the wife is not happy. I decided to follow this thread: and replace the expansion valve, drier, valve core on the...
  20. jlg32281

    AC oil measurement?

    I have an AC leak by the drier and it's leaking AC oil. Is there a way to measure how much oil is still in the system so I know how much to add? I just got a new drier in the mail along with a new expansion valve. I'm looking to dive into this job soon but I don't want to do all of this work...
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