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  1. KingAir Driver

    Project Old Blue - 1973

    So I’ve been posting in the “What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week” thread, but I figured, why not start a build thread. This is a 10/72, 73 model year that I picked up on Craigslist about a year ago. The posted pictures made it look like a beater, but it was just baked in the...
  2. KingAir Driver

    Wanted  Bucket Seat Slider Engagement Pin

    Looking for the pin and spring that engages the rail for the 73+ bucket seats. Missing on one side of my drivers seat.
  3. KingAir Driver

    Wanted  FJ40 Bucket Seat bracket bolts

    Maybe a long shot, but I’m looking for the bolts that attach the seat brackets to the cushion and is also the pivot point on the upper/lower bracket. The shop that took them apart did not return any of the hardware and are not cooperating. These are the only ones that seem non-standard. Any...
  4. KingAir Driver

    Steering Gear box rebuild?

    Searched but no up-to-date info. Who rebuilds manual steering boxes these days? My ‘77 restoration is moving along and need this part gone over by a trusted source. I’m guessing mark or @orangefj45 ? Mine had some play and was leaking pretty good. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. KingAir Driver

    Wanted  FST Door Parts

    All, I recently acquired some FST doors that were bare of any hardware. Looking for door hinges, door handles, etc... Thanks John
  6. KingAir Driver

    craigslist  1971 Pig, IDAHO

    My friend is a LC restorer and is selling this. Says it's a good candidate for restoration or parts, solid floors, doors, and rear tailgate. Typical rust in front fenders and rockers. Contact him on the CL ad or I can forward the # via PM. 1971 FJ55 Landcruiser
  7. KingAir Driver

    craigslist  1971 FJ55, IDAHO

    Not mine, but being sold through a friend. He's a LC restorer and said this is a great foundation for a resto. Contact him on CL if interested. 1971 FJ55 Landcruiser 1971 FJ55, solid floors, doors, rear hatch. V8 swap. Located in Sand Point, ID.
  8. KingAir Driver

    PNW 76 Green PIG

    Hey all, I've now ventured into the world of FJ55 ownership with this 76' Pig. I picked it up a few weeks ago and wanted to throw up a thread in this section. I left for overseas the same day I purchased it, so I don't have a lot of details or pictures until I get back home in January. All I...
  9. KingAir Driver

    craigslist  78 FJ40 Seattle

    Saw this on Craigslist. This is @78fj40mg. Haven't seen him on in awhile, but this is a solid rig. 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 4WD w/Warn winch
  10. KingAir Driver

    Jack Disassembly ?

    Hey all, figured I'd spend some time this weekend refurbishing my Jack. I can't seem to get the top screw out, is there a trick? I saw Treeroot post there was a clip, but unsure of where or how to release it.
  11. KingAir Driver

    SEMA Cruisers

    My buddy sent me some photo's from SEMA of some Cruiser's, thought I would share.
  12. KingAir Driver

    Is this Carb Base salvageable?

    Hey Guys, Just got done dipping the main sections of the stock Asian Carb, and the top and middle pieces came out great, but the base is not so hot. Before Dipping: After Dipping; it was a pretty nice, other than the cylinder edges, then the whole thing started oxidizing right away with a...
  13. KingAir Driver

    Cringe-worthy wiring (Alternator Help)

    Ok... So the PO stated when I bought the vehicle that he had replaced the alternator with a high output single wire AC Delco (unknown amps) internal regulator to run the snow plow he had installed and that the ammeter was not hooked up. He had also replaced the points with electronic. So as I...
  14. KingAir Driver

    Wanted  77 FJ40 Manifold-Carb Insulator Plate

    After pulling off the carb and the manifold, I found this piece broken and hanging on by a thread. Any chance someone has a spare one hanging around that they'd like to part with?
  15. KingAir Driver

    What's wrong here?

    I might be crazy or looking at this wrong, but why on earth would there be a grounding strap between the clutch slave and the frame? I'm thinking it should be a starter ground and replaced! Yes, I am in the process of removing the shields for blasting and paint, 38 years of dirt and grime!
  16. KingAir Driver

    77 FJ40 - Slow & Steady Rebuild

    Hey Everyone, I've been scanning this site for awhile, both at home and abroad just waiting for an FJ40 to drop some dough on and throw in my garage. I finally found a one owner, 59,000 mile, 1977 (11/76 production) FJ40 in Freeborn Red. The previous owner had used it sparingly over the past...
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