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  1. karas

    11/1/2014 Balanced Rock Road

    I know it's the day after Halloween but I am going to be out all day and up in that area anyway. Just wanted to see if anyone would want to run this. It's very pretty at the lake. I was going to go down to the lake and grill lunch and then head back up. Link for the trail -...
  2. karas

    Blanca Peak August 23rd-24th 2014

    Who is still up to run this? I propose we go on the 23rd and make it to the top and camp overnight. Then on the 24th we all come down in the morning. I am not sure what time we should leave from the springs on Saturday but my guess is early so we won't have to deal with rain on the trail. I...
  3. karas

    August 8th,9th, and 10th 2014

    I am planning on going to Buena Vista on these dates if anyone wants to go. I plan on camping at browns creek. Right now I only have grizzly lake planned on the 9th and the other days are up in the air. Possibly do Hancock pass on Friday and I was thinking of packing up on Sunday and doing...
  4. karas

    Wheeler Lake July 19, 2014

    When: Saturday, July 19-20 Trail: Wheeler Lake Meeting spot: Rudy's BBQ @ 7:45 am Rudy's BBQ address 315 S 31st street Colorado Springs Who is going? karas-camping Mr. Moose-camping Blazefighter-camping Camping if the weather permits.
  5. karas

    B.S. Thread

    The fj cruiser forums have a thread like this and I think it's a great idea to throw out different stuff. I am going to go down balanced rock road in just a little bit. Spur of the moment thing and if anyone was looking for something to do your more then welcome to come with. We are going to...
  6. karas

    Old stage road closed? Why

    I ran into one of the property owners from there today on his euro bike and asked him why it's closed and how bad it was. He said those sob's shut that road down for no good reason. He calls weekly and xxxxxxx's them out and said we need to start doing the same and rally some people to keep on...
  7. karas

    Metberry Gulch May 31, 2014 The fj cruisers have made this an annual event for the last three years and are keeping it going this year. Right now we have a bunch of fj's going and i think 1...
  8. karas

    Mother's Day fun run day

    I want to camp on the weekend of Mother's Day and was wondering if any of you guys and girls would like to do a trail together and maybe possibly camp with us? I am open to suggestions as I have not looked into any trails right now. I just got the ok from the wife for this and she really...
  9. karas

    Switzerland Trail Saturday 5/24/2014

    So the family and I will be camping again. So who is in for this one. The trail is pretty much a gravel road so I might just take the jeep on this one. I think it might be able to handle it, if not I am sure I can get one of you Toyota's to pull me around. Anyone ever been to the area...
  10. karas

    Phantom Canyon, Shelf road?

    I was thinking of going on these this Saturday. Do you guys think it will be ok with the up coming weather conditions. The trails I know are pretty much gravel roads but there is a chance of 10-16 inches of snow. Taking the family out so if anyone else wants to go your more then welcome. Any...
  11. karas

    Abandoned truck

    A friend of mine was 4 wheeling at rainbow falls today and came across an abandoned Chevy truck sitting on stumps. Looks like the axels and wheels are gone and some one shot it all up. It's right before little Moab and the license plate is still on and it read 212 zog. I don't know how to...
  12. karas

    Roll over on Hackett gulch

    I guess a 24 year old passed away in this. Pretty sad but I thought I would let you guys know.
  13. karas

    China wall 9/16

    I guess china wall is on the verge of closing. Some guys from the fj cruiser forum are going out with stay the trail to do a clean up to try and help the situation. I am going to most likely be working and can't make. Just seeing if some of you guys would want to help out...
  14. karas

    Luke to the rescue

    The family and I, a friend from work (who I am tying to convince to buy a tacoma and wheel it) and his family went down to the reservoir at the end of balanced rock road on Saturday. What a beautiful day. The kids got to go for a little hike, catch butterflies and other bugs, and play a little...
  15. karas

    Off highway vehicle registration

    I have been reading about this in another thread. I don't know how to bring the link over otherwise I would. They are saying you have to have a sticker like the atv's do now. There have even been a few tickets issued to a few people for not having the stickers in the woodland park area. Have any...
  16. karas

    7/9/11 lime creek -benson cabin

    I wanted to go on this run last year but it was during elk season. I don't think anyone ended up going on this anyhow. Well I am planning on going up on friday to camp and hit the trail and camp on saturday night as well. Just wanted to get this started to see if anyone is interested or not.
  17. karas

    my first body paint scratch

    I went for a trail ride this weekend and got my first body paint scratch on a rock. lets see if you can guess where I was at. I didn't get the scratch at this rock but later on down the trail.
  18. karas

    Memorial Weekend

    I was just wondering what everyone is doing and who is going to be able to make it on the trail run on 5/28/11 for the frosty park/379 clean up. And if anyone wanted to make a campout of it.
  19. karas

    Moab 2011 Pic's

    A few pics from Fins n Things
  20. karas


    I don't meen to do the same run that is already planned for the next weekend, but a group af fj's and I are going up to do missourie and Illinois gulches tomorrow if anyone want's to come. I know it's short notice but I wasn't sure when and what time they where going to do it. As of now I am...
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