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    For Sale  3rd Row Carpet - 2006 Land Cruiser - Great Condition

    Selling grey 100 series 2006 land cruiser 3rd row seat carpet. it is in very good condition with no serious stains. Recently cleaned. Can look even better with steam clean I believe. All insulation is in perfect condition. see pics. $300 shipped.
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    For Sale  100 Series LC center consile cover and cup holder

    Asking $50 shipped. Its in good condition. Some stains on cup holder only visible from an angle. Silver is in good condition with a bit of fade but nothing serious damage. Posting high resolution image. Any questions msg me.
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    3rd row seat and carpet removal

    Hi Folks, planning to do some work on the 3rd row. Can anyone point me to a write-up on the forum which explains how to remove the 3rd row seats without clipping anything. Assuming carpet should come out easily once seats are out. Appreciate some pointers ... Also I would assume 3rd row panels...
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    Engine Oil Pan (06 LC) nuts/torque/gasket

    Hello Guys, hope all are staying safe. Can someone tell me what are factory torque specs for the engine oil pan the very bottom black one. Also, does it use a gasket? toyota telling me a gasket paste is enough and this model doesnt have one. I checked the internet and fel-pro does sell one for...
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    For Sale  Center console 100 series land cruiser - CA

    $60 shipped. Very good condition. Just few scuffs on the grey area. See pics ... located CA.
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    For Sale  San Jose CA 100 series rear splash shield

    $50 local pickup. overall great shape. Comes complete with center oil drain shield cover. Had one corner a little snapped but welded with in weld and it is strong as anything. See pics...
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    2006 LC windshield trim

    Hi Guys, Recently changed windshield. while doing that noticed the rubber trim that covers the rivets was not there. Ordered it and the two pieces have arrived. I was hoping to see a thicker rounded rubber that I can shove in the slot but instead these trim pieces are thin. I am not sure how...
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    2006 LC AC Fan (inside compartment) noise when running

    Hi guys, has anyone experienced this? The AC Fan runs fine I mean without any interruption but i gear a continuous squeal when it is rotating. What is the best way to fix this? it is very incontinent.
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    2006 LC pics needed for foot rest area

    Hi guys, putting a new carpet, all going well but I am kind of lost on how the foot text goes. would appreciate if someone can post a pic of the foot rest area.
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    Interior Cleanup - 2006 LC

    Decided to take action on the carpet which had irreparable stains. Center console base had rust!!! someone spilled lot of water and stuff seems like. Had to take the base off ...
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    ATF oil level - 06 LC

    Hi guys, where do you check the ATF fluid level in the 06 LC?
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    Fan under driver seat (2006 LC)

    Hi Guys, How do you test and make the fan AC unit under driver seat to run? I mean what controls? I think it blows air from the bottom of the middle row. Rear under of center console.
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    2nd/PWR switch part number for 2006 land cruiser (cannot find)

    Guys, have looked around pretty heavily but not been able to found the part number. Did my homework and turning to the forum. Can someone point me to the OEM part number? Mine get stuck sometimes and I am thinking of just putting a new one.
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    TPM light ON

    Hi, my TPM light came ON and after fixing the tire with the nail it stayed ON. It’s been over 2 months and pressure seems ok in the tire. Is it a faulty TPM sensor? What should I do?
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    Black box under passenger seat - 2006

    Guys, dumb question ... noticed a black box under the front passenger seat. What is that?
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    Grease for front power seat rails

    Guys, the rails are really dry and need to lube it. What grease is recommended for power seat rails?
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    Door Speaker Covering - Repair???

    Hi Guys, is this repairable? how to fix it? open the panel? get a new one?
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    100 Series Nudge Bar ***Share Pics***

    Hey guys, After a 2 month search I finally was able to locate my favorite nudge bar in Sydney Australia. Brought it back last night safe and sound and it looks awesome. Will be installing it over the weekend. Share your pics please. Landcruiser 100 Series
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    150K Service

    Guys, recently being quoted $1100 for the following services. - PS Flush - Coolant Flush - Brake Flush - ATF Flush - Front/Rear Diff + Transfer Case drain & refill - All four brake rotors & pads labor (parts not included) High, not too high? Thanks.
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    Parking brake pads

    Hey guys, Never changed the parking pads for last 10 years. Does the below means I need to order x2 rear and front left and right shoe is different part number? 46540-60050 Shoes LAND CRUISER; FRONT; RIGHT $41.43 $29.89 46580-60050 Shoes LAND CRUISER; FRONT; LEFT 46550-60060 Shoes LAND...
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