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  1. John Smith

    Land Cruiser part or not?

    I found this in one of my parts boxes and have no idea what it is.
  2. John Smith

    Water pump hose availability

    Is this hose a Toyota only part? I believe it's molded with a slight bend, or would a section of straight 1.75" work here?
  3. John Smith

    I'm back! Kinda sorta.

    TL;DR - I'm back on Mud and working on my Land Cruisers again. I've been gone 4 plus years and lots has changed! I see our CLCC section has lots of new members and seems to be more active than ever. This post will be an introduction to some, and an explanation for my absence, for others. I have...
  4. John Smith

    Need some help with electrical switch to trigger starter

    I could use some help from Ed and any of you who know more electrical than I do. From my best reading of the 79 FJ40 electrical wiring diagram, the starter is triggered by the ignition switch turned to the Start position, which is fed by the 15amp Engine fuse to the Black with white stripe wire...
  5. John Smith

    BRC magazine and CLCC "Special thanks"

    I've noticed in the last two issues of the BRC magazine that CLCC has received "Special thanks". Nice work!
  6. John Smith

    Do later carbs have the G shaped retaining clip under the pump plunger?

    I'm rebuilding an Oct 26 1986 FJ60 carb today. When I tore down this carb it was missing the G shaped retainer clip that earlier carbs have which lives under the accelerator pump plunger and spring. On early carbs this retains the pump check ball. I don't think anyone has been into this carb...
  7. John Smith

    Distance between Motor Mount holes

    Does anyone happen to know the center to center distance between the motor mount holes on a FJ60 frame? And I have no idea why the graphic is showing up twice, and won't let me delete the second image.
  8. John Smith

    For Sale  Wits' End 80 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount-Left Side

    I'm selling a brand new, never used, Wits' End 80 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount-Left Side for $70 shipped to the lower 48. I won this in a raffle awhile ago, and have held onto it thinking I would one day own a FZJ80 series. I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon, so I'm putting it up for...
  9. John Smith

    For Sale  1978 Asco Long Body Hubs

    I'm selling the pair of Asco long body fine spline hubs from my 1978 FJ55 for $420 shipped to the lower 48. The hubs are in excellent condition with only one small dent in the hub body. You can see it in the pictures below, it is minor. Note these have the period correct #7 bolts holding the hub...
  10. John Smith

    Cummins R2.8

    Cummins just announced a new crate engine "repower" program at SEMA. The first engine to be offered next year is the R2.8 CUMMINS LAUNCHES CRATE ENGINE PROGRAM FOR ENTHUSIAST MARKET Cummins Reveals "Repower" Diesel Crate Engine Program at SEMA 2016 – #TENSEMA16
  11. John Smith

    Thickness of crank lock washer?

    Does anyone know the thickness of the crank lock washer? This part is NLA from Toyota, and whoever did the terrible rebuild on my FJ55 engine decided to throw it away. So my plan is to cut one from some sheet metal, but I have no idea how thick the stock part was. Perhaps the same thickness as...
  12. John Smith

    Does an 85 2F have an oil slinger on the crank?

    Does an 85 2f have an oil slinger on the crank? The thing with the red X in the picture, I believe is called an oil slinger, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm putting back together an 85 2F and can't find find this part in my pile, and not sure if I removed it when I took the engine...
  13. John Smith

    Anyone ever have out of spec 2F valve springs cause an issue?

    Has anyone ever had out of spec valve springs on a 2F cause them any issues? I've measured the height of valve springs from 3 different 2Fs I've taken apart and none meet the FSM spec. All fail the height test, but certainly needed a valve spring compressor to remove. So they have plenty of...
  14. John Smith

    Aisin / Asco Reproduction Free Wheel Hub Spacers

    For Sale: Brand new reproduction Aisin / Asco Free Wheel Hub Spacers. Commercially water jet cut from T-304 stainless steel and hand finished by me, to remove the "frosting" from the manufacturing process. $9.50 for two spacers mailed first class postage paid to the lower 48. I have 45 sets for...
  15. John Smith

    Chevy 10 bolt upper ball stud adjusting sleeve

    This is my first time replacing the ball joints on my 84 K10 Suburban and I am running into an issue with the upper ball joint adjusting sleeve. When I removed the knuckle from the axle the old adjusting sleeve was pretty much centered in the upper C. Following the FSM, I torqued the lower...
  16. John Smith

    TechShop Arlington

    Is anyone going to the TechShop grand opening this Saturday, or thinking of joining?
  17. John Smith

    Error message when trying to upload an image file

    I'm receiving an error message when trying to upload an image file. The counter never moves past 0%, then after about 15 seconds I receive an error message. It won't even let me upload a tiny 22.5kb jpg of the error message. If you want I can post the error message to imageshack or elsewhere and...
  18. John Smith

    RTH Output shaft bearing retainer bolt length?

    RTH needed for Output shaft bearing retainer bolt length? Is there some difference in output shaft bearing retainer bolt lengths based on years? I'm assembling a 4 speed transfer case with a machined double seal bearing retainer I got from Mark A. and my three longer bolts are bottoming out...
  19. John Smith

    LV pickup spotted in Bethesda!

    My wife caught this in Bethesda today. It passed me stopped at a light last year but didn't manage to get a picture.
  20. John Smith

    Is GL5 gear oil really bad for our transmissions?

    Has anyone experienced worn synchros due to using GL5 gear oil in their 3 or 4 speed transmission? A gear head buddy of mine with a Willys called me up and asked me if I ever heard of problems with GL5 spec gear oil and older transmissions. I hadn't, but started searching the Web and found a...
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