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  1. John Smith

    Question: Body differences in 40s

    Off the top of my head... Thinner steel, very different floor and seat setup. Wider square bezel, grey interior, different jump seats, different rear door shape in the lower corner, hard top vent windows, gas tank under the truck, parking brake location, and for your very late truck, parking...
  2. John Smith


    Sounds like fuel delivery to me also. 7 years is plenty of time for your tank to rust up with ethanol gas. I would start by removing the fuel supply line at the carb and pull the coil wire. Turn over the engine and see how much fuel you are getting. Now cut open your fuel filter and inspect for...
  3. John Smith

    Builds Cruisermatt's FJ62 Build-up

    Hey Matt, I found this thread through some TLCA or Mud post on FB. Been reading it over a few days, and I'm happy to see you start from just out of HS to now having your own shop. You've had quite the epic journey with your 62, and you're just getting started. You're a true Cruiserhead! I look...
  4. John Smith

    Sandblast off Por15

    Think of the media blaster like a honey badger, it doesn't care what the coating is, it's not staying attached to the metal.
  5. John Smith

    PCV Valve and exhaust smoke

    Probably leaking valve seals causing the smoke.
  6. John Smith


    Well this explains why I can't find one anywhere for my May 79. Damn!
  7. John Smith

    Electronic copy of 2F FSM

    Put in Dropbox, post link here.
  8. John Smith

    Engine hesitation

    I noticed you are missing a key bushing in your throttle linkage. See the yellow arrow.
  9. John Smith

    Distributor choices

    FJ60 large cap is what I would buy, along with the matching ignitor. Be aware that your Mallory distributor gear may have ruined your cam for a different distributor. The gear on some aftermarket distributors is not cut to the stock specs and causes wear on the gear and the cam.
  10. John Smith

    40 Help: Now the 2nd Life's Story

    Not sure how I missed this thread. But now I know what became of Bob's 40!
  11. John Smith

    Blower housing

    The original black foam gasket deteriorates over the years leaving a gap. Get some stick on black foam gasket material if you want an OEM look.
  12. John Smith

    Power Steering Squeal - Fixable?

    Your pump looks more like a stock FJ60 PS pump than a Tercel to me. Even though we both appear to have used the same Napa belt. Yours is riding much lower in the pulley than mine. I believe this is because your pump is running the wide FJ60 belt pulley, and my pump has a pulley for a smaller...
  13. John Smith

    2F Rebuild

    Toyota Part Number 90331-48010 is what you're looking for.
  14. John Smith

    New owner of a Chris Wade FJ40

    Thanks! :beer:
  15. John Smith

    New owner of a Chris Wade FJ40

    Thanks! That helps greatly. The only thing more helpful would be the Gates belt part numbers if you happen have those in your notes. Also, you do some fine work! I somehow missed the link to all the pictures.
  16. John Smith

    New owner of a Chris Wade FJ40

    Actually, I found the angles don't really show the belt routing very well. So let me share what I think I see, and you can correct me please. It appears to me that this 2F has a dual groove crank pulley along with a dual pulley on the water pump. It looks like the inner belt is going from crank...
  17. John Smith

    FJ40 Heater Blower help

    Wire nuts! Did they use Romex also? Post up in the classifieds section and you should find a heater box and blower.
  18. John Smith

    New owner of a Chris Wade FJ40

    Please post up pictures of your belt routing with this Vintage AC install. I'm in the middle of my install and can't figure out how to get my Saginaw, Alt, and AC all belted.
  19. John Smith

    75' FJ40 Parked for 20+ years.

    I'm guessing they added the extra bracket because they were running a non standard, longer belt length. Remove the extra bracket and run a stock belt and you should be fine with that bracket and alt.
  20. John Smith

    Dash Indicators

    Thanks for this timely write up. I was debating whether to install a warning light with my to be installed Delco CS130, and this makes it super simple.
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