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  1. Tapage

    Reliability of 2H engine??

    Like an old ( Mud Local ) friend said .. it's not the turbo ( boost ) that's gonna kill your engine .. it's your right foot.
  2. Tapage

    Upgraded alternator recommendations, 12HT

    Back in the day I had a Hyundai Terracan Alt ( vacuum pump attached in the back ) on Tencha .. those are 120amps alt .. if you don't need the vacuum you are good to any other alt ..
  3. Tapage

    ACSD - Blanking plate part number

    I didn't have to ..
  4. Tapage

    AMSOIL replacement

    Bump for your question .. that's the oil I've been using for years .. I've been looking at redline and royal purple .. being redline the winner so far ..
  5. Tapage

    ARP headbolts on 2H

    ARP are not necessary for even a boosted 40 PSI 2H .. you will cook your head way before you care for studs ..
  6. Tapage

    Yes I know another turbo question

    Which IC air temp gauges are you using .?
  7. Tapage

    Yes I know another turbo question

    are you watching your AFR / EGT as well as IAT and post IC temp ..? Boost it's a fun game but not a cheap one on my books . ..
  8. Tapage

    HDJ 81 Brake Failure

    glad to have you back around here MOT !
  9. Tapage

    Best turbo for 1HZ for towing purposes and daily driving?

    IMHO each option offer pros and cons .. and while having a top mount with good fans to keep it fresh at low air flow will make it for possible lag due to short piping ..
  10. Tapage

    1HDT fuel filter change interval

    this .. although 30 micron only .?
  11. Tapage

    Diesel Specific Gauges

    Nice .. contact them to know if they have a oil press ..
  12. Tapage

    Diesel Specific Gauges

    LED ilumination .?
  13. Tapage

    Diesel Specific Gauges

    I'm very happy with mines ..
  14. Tapage

    Auxiallary fuse box.

    you can do something like this .. ( no affiliation )
  15. Tapage

    2H coolant hose at water pump, how to replace

    yup .. the new one should be fresh and much more flexible which allow you to bend it half in order to fit it ..
  16. Tapage

    Alternator vaccum

    for the OP .. did you still have or you vehicle have the vacuum tank .? what you need to test from the pump to the booster it's the vacuum all the way to the booster by each step .. man .. how much I hate those alt vacuum pump setups !
  17. Tapage

    Diesel Fuel additive

    I also run 2 stroke mineral on my old Diesels ..
  18. Tapage

    2h injection timing

    turbo it ! ( maybe you will forget about the ticking noise and enjoy the power -- well power and 2H in the same line won't match )
  19. Tapage

    Aisin 24v winch wiring question

    dude .! getting crafty with wiring !
  20. Tapage

    1HD-T Engine Failure - Calgary, AB - Advice/Tips welcome!!

    Watch out your clutch !
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