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  1. atazman

    Steering Arm, Tie Rod, and Pitman Arm Taper Summary

    I have heard the tie rod end taper for the FJ-40/55/60 is the same as for the FJ-80. That is, the taper is 1.2" TPF (taper per foot), or 6 Degrees taper. Can you confirm this to be true? I understand the shaft diameter is the largest on the 80 Series. And a second question related to a...
  2. atazman

    Chevy/Toyota Clutch

    It would be nice if someone can reference a table showing how much a given clutch must be compressed to fully disengage. I think this might be called the clutch “throw”. I suspect a “low profile” clutch requires less “throw”, but it might mean that the overall height is less. If the latter is...
  3. atazman

    Back Up Camera Recommendation

    I'm looking for a back up camera for my FJ-40. Anyone care to let me know what make/brand you would recommend? Anything in particular I should make sure the camera has? Wireless? Clip on the mirror type? Advice is appreciated.
  4. atazman

    Saginaw Power Steering Noise

    Guys..... Those of you who are running the Saginaw power steering boxes and pumps....... what do you hear? First off, my steering stops on the inside and outside of the knuckles are adjusted so that the steering box can turn fully (lock-to-lock) to driver and passenger side as limited by the...
  5. atazman

    Stainless Steel Bolts/Screws/Washers/Nuts

    Where do you guys buy your stainless steel hardware? I know both Spector and Cool Cruisers sell kits. Any better sources? Do you have experience with the Spector or CCOT bolt kits? Thanks............
  6. atazman

    Jeep  SR-4 Tranny to Dana 18 Transfer Case

    Gentlemen.... please tell me whether the Dana 18 transfer case from a 1943 Willys MB Jeep will mate up to a SR-4 transmission removed from a 1982 Jeep Laredo?? This Jeep originally had a Dana 300 in it. I am considering the SR-4 for my 1943 MB. Thanks
  7. atazman

    Hood latch Question

    Please tell me what those rubber pads are for on the hood latches? Mine rubbed the paint off. Please don't tell me they have a useful purpose because I removed mine. Just curious. Thanks
  8. atazman

    Mufflers for 350 Chevy

    Hey guys..... what kind of mufflers do you recommend? I have a 350 CID Chevy, dual exhaust, which is in need of new mufflers. Present ones have a "roar" at trail speeds that is somewhat annoying. Your suggestions, please.
  9. atazman

    Seat Material of Choice?

    Time to re-upholster my 86 Audi seats (now leather) in my FJ-40. Summer is top off, so the seats are exposed to the elements. Dusty trails is not kind to them. Would like to hear your voice on what material will provide the best durability against dirt/grime/sun and can endure a little soap...
  10. atazman

    Transfer Case Strength Question

    I would welcome your opinion on understanding the strength/weakness of the 3-speed transfer case when in (a) "high" range vs (b) "low" speed range while in 4WD. Here's why I'm asking............... I have the Toybox with 4.7:1 ratio behind the SM-465 tranny. Most trails seem to be a better...
  11. atazman

    Bore Size of Clutch/Brake Master/Slave Cylinders

    Gentlemen..... does anyone know the bore diameters for the following FJ-40 clutch and brake components? 1) Clutch master cylinder for years up to 1/75? 2) Clutch master cylinder for years 75-80? 3) Clutch slave cylinder for years 7/70-7/80? 4) Brake master cylinder for years...
  12. atazman

    Switching Seats Side-to-Side

    Hey Guys............ I have a 92 Toy Pickup SR5, and I'm wondering if (1) I can switch the entire bucket seat (both seat bottom and back) from side-to-side, and (2) switch only the back of the seats from side-to side? I know that I have adjustments on the driver seat that are not on the...
  13. atazman

    Radiator Drain....What is it?? What do I need?

    Gents.... I don't know if my radiator has a "standard" drain or not. It's the FJ-40 and the radiator fits into that "U" frame. There is a nipple about 3-4" long on the passenger corner, that appears to be soldered to the lower tank for the drain. I need a plug for this nipple. The threads...
  14. atazman

    Mcquay Norris Tie Rod End Chart

    I've looked everywhere....and no can find. Can someone guide me to the McQuay Norris chart that lists tie rod ends, and all of their dimensions? Any other chart showing tie rod dimensions would work as well. Appreciate your time.....and have a fun 4th!!
  15. atazman

    Orion Without Low Gearing Possible?

    Before contacting Advanced Adapter, just thought I'd ask here. Is it possible to buy the Orion cast iron case and a few internal parts.....and use my standard gears out of my 3-speed T-Case? My reason for this is that I don't need lower gears (SM-465 + Toybox with 4.7:1). I do like the...
  16. atazman

    Northern Ca.. Slick Rock & Corral Hollow Trail

    I'll be in Arnold tomorrow morning (11/18/06) at about 8:00 A.M. Plan to run Slick Rock Trail and Corral Hollow Trail if gates are open and trails are negotiable. Anyone want to join in? Or does anyone know if these trails are passable right now? I know some of you guys ran Corral Hollow...
  17. atazman

    Is Fordyce Fordable?

    Need some info, please. I'm running 35" tires on a SOA FJ-40. Do you guys think the Fordyce River (Creek) is passable right now at 215 cfs water flow?? Thanks.....
  18. atazman

    Rock Crawler Rims for '76 FJ-40

    Does anyone run the ProComp built Rock Crawler wheels on a FJ-40 with stock Land Cruiser disc brakes (mine is a "76)? I know these wheels are sold by 4Wheel Parts (and others). I'm interested in the white, wagon spoke 15" X 10" wide steel wheels with 2.5" backspacing. Part number is...
  19. atazman

    Substitute for ARB Solenoids

    I'm thinking that one of my ARB solenoids is going to fail when I need it most....on the trail. Sure, I could always buy a spare to carry with me, but I am wondering if anyone has come up with a more innovative way for dealing with a failed solenoid. Anything else on the market that can...
  20. atazman

    Need a Tire & Wheel Teacher

    Someone that's "been there and done that", please tell me what I would experience if I ran a 35" X 15" BFG Mud Terrain tires on 7" wide wheels? FJ-40 is used for Dusy and Rubicon type trails and driven to the trail heads.
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