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  1. rckhound

    Wanted  HJ61 Fender Flare

    I have one broken factory fender flare on the rear left side of the vehicle. I am looking for a replacement if anyone has one available. truck is a 1989 HJ61 Thanks, Steve
  2. rckhound

    MUDShip  CO to CA 2 boxs of parts

    I am looking to have 2 27 gallon black and yellow storage tots worth of 3fe parts transported to the Grass Valley, CA from Breckenridge, CO area. Let me know if you will be traveling that way and if we can work something out!
  3. rckhound

    For Sale  CO: 1989 HJ61 RHD Very Clean

    ******NO LONGER FORSALE*******************Located in Breckenridge, CO I am thinking of selling my HJ61. Its a very clean mostly rust free truck. This truck was imported through AUS to US a few years back and was used on a horse farm in Australia. Clear Colorado title in my name. This is a...
  4. rckhound

    SOLD  CO: Complete 3FE Harness-ECU PRICE RDUCED

    I have a complete under dash and engine compartment harness that is labeled along with and ECU for a 88 FJ62. I parted this truck to complete a 2FE project but scrapped the idea when I found our the head was cracked. Everything in good condition. NEW PRICE $300 obo. I also have injectors...
  5. rckhound

    Wanted  75 or Newer FJ40 Wire Harness

    I am wiring my 45 for later model components and am looking for a good FJ40 Harness and even a gauge cluster and switches if you parting somthing out. Let me know. Thanks, Steve
  6. rckhound

    Wanted  Hj61 Passenger Side (RH drive) Fender Flare

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased an HJ61 and I have 1 broken flare I need to replace. Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  7. rckhound

    MUDShip  Needed 40 from Siler City NC to Colorado

    I am looking and getting a 40 series from Siler City, NC to Colorado. Let me know. No rush on time. Steve.
  8. rckhound

    SOLD  CO: 1985 BJ73 Turbo 3B PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP! $13k OBO. The time has come for my Landcruiser to move onto a new home. Its a 1985 BJ73 That was legally imported and has lived in Colorado for the past several years. Have all the paper work from when it was originally imported. Will possibly partial trade for other gas Toyotas...
  9. rckhound

    For Sale  CO: PTO with Gear Box For Split Case

    I switched to an electric winch on my BJ73 so the PTO and associated parts are forsale. Asking $1,200. Will ship Fastenal or you can arrange other shipping. Includes winch, shafts, shifter, and split case gear box. Located in Breckenridge, CO.
  10. rckhound

    Recent 3B Turbo Questions

    I have recently put a turbo on my bj73’s 3B motor using diesel42’s kit and I am getting some oil in the intake tube between the Turbo and intake. Any thoughts on this? Cruising I am running about 5psi with a max of 8psi under heavy acceleration. Don’t seem to be consuming oil. Brand new garret...
  11. rckhound

    For Sale  NC:BIG PRICE DROP! 1975 FJ40 with H55 5spd TLC Built with Receipts $24,500

    SALE PENDING ! I am helping a fellow cruiser head (lumberbaba) sell his 40 series. He has moved onto a different cruiser and he is ready to sell this beauty. Located in Siler City, NC. Please email the owner Skip at for more details and question. All info is what the owner...
  12. rckhound

    SOLD  CO: 1978 FJ55 $3,750

    Price Update: $3,750 plus just replaced all the rubber brake lines on the front axle and put a brand new master cylinder in. We are selling our 1978 FJ55. All original with one repaint. Has a 2F motor, disc brake front end, and 4spd tranny all with 96k original miles. Working rear window and...
  13. rckhound

    MUDShip  Colorado to Iowa and back with Empty Tundra

    Heading to Davenport, IA from Frisco, CO over fathers day to pick up my Corvair. Will have the truck bed of my Tundra empty on the way there and back if anyone needs parts delivered.
  14. rckhound

    SOLD  CO: 1972 FJ40 Original Paint

    I am selling my 40 series in preparation for my 45 to come home and finish my restoration. I bought this truck a little over a year ago out of Basalt from the second owner. It’s spent most of it’s life there accessing a mine that was behind Aspen Mountain. It is all original paint with some rust...
  15. rckhound

    WTB: 80 series driver window glass

    Hey everyone. I am headed to Dallas from Colorado to pick up my old 95 80 series. Unfortunately the driver window glass broke and I need a replacement prior to driving it back to Colorado. I need one by the 4th of May if anyone of you have one or know where one is. Feel free to call or PM...
  16. rckhound


    Hey everyone. I am looking for a driver window for my 95 80 series. Need a replacement by May 4th if possible. Let me know if you have one! Thanks, Steve.
  17. rckhound

    For Sale  3B parts

    Recently put a turbo on my 3B and I have these leftover parts. Intake hose and cross over $75 plus the ride. Exhaust manifold tapped for EGT probe. $75 plus the ride. Located in a Frisco, CO
  18. rckhound

    SOLD  CO: Man-A-Fre 3FE Ceramic Headers

    Used for a short time and in good condition. Had hoarded these for my 2FE conversion but now clearing some stuff out. $200 plus the ride.
  19. rckhound

    For Sale  CO: Early Factory Bottle Jack

    This came with my 1978 FJ45. Not exactly sure what year it’s for but it’s in nice condition. $150 plus the ride.
  20. rckhound

    For Sale  CO: 2F Carbs

    I have a couple used 2F carbs that are in good shape. $80 plus the ride each.
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