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  1. jonharis

    MSA 4x4 Fridge Slides - Adventure Imports

    I'm happy to announce that Adventure Imports (you know us from MAXTRAX) is now the exclusive importer for MSA 4x4 Products. The decision to import MSA came from years of watching the Australian market trends and a personal desire for us at ADV to have a better quality fridge slide option. These...
  2. jonharis

    Call for vehicles for a national commercial.

    Call for vehicles- Hello, I am helping a friend procure vehicles for a commercial and yours is needed! One of the largest truck bed cover makers is filming on the western slope in the coming weeks. They are looking for late model vehicles for their shoots. Looking for a 2014 or newer Tundra...
  3. jonharis

    Passing the Torch

    Hi All- Since joining BCC in 2011 I have met some of the greatest people in the valley and indeed, in the Toyota community. I have made many friends that would never have been possible without my involvement with the club. It's a great group of individuals and I sincerely hope that it will...
  4. jonharis

    Poll! ARB Outback Solutions Mounting Orientation

    I am reconfiguring my ARB Outback Solutions Drawers as shown below. Two full height drawers double stacked and one short roller floor single stacked with my National Luna Fridge on top. I'm debating on the orientation. Please vote in the poll and give your reasonings below. I am installing...
  5. jonharis

    Roadie Wheelset upgrade.

    So I may be crazy but I am considering dropping some coin into a nice weekend wheelset for my 2004 Lemond Zurich. The bike is fantastic and I don't intend to "upgrade" anytime soon. It's full Ultegra so i'm good with the components, no issues with stem/handlebar etc. But the wheelset is on the...
  6. jonharis

    2014 San Rafael Swell April 10-13

    All, The dates are set for the clubs annual kickoff run! Plan on arriving at Lone Warrior April 10-13 for three days of great loop trails throughout the Swell. Check out last year's trip thread for more information. Apparently we are not going to be doing the longer trip leading up to the swell...
  7. jonharis

    Fix planned for previously embedded videos?

    Just noticed that all videos embedded in the old mud no longer work. is there a plan to make the old embed code work for the new forum at some point so that old videos display again?
  8. jonharis

    Wanted  SOR Tuff Duck Seat Covers 100 Series. Middle and Front Row.

    In search of used Tuff Duck covers, any color but camo. Need to protect the leather from my crazy kids. I'm open to just about any condition.
  9. jonharis

    2014 Cruise Moab: Kokopelli Team Member Thread

    Hello Friends and Friends to be! The final selections have been made and it's time to start planning! The Kokopelli has become a staple in the CM repertoire and Book Cliff Cruisers is honored to be part of it once again this year. We are working hard to ensure that it is the best one yet! From...
  10. jonharis

    100s to the Summit 2014!

    I know of at least three 100s that will be attending the 2014 FJ Summit! It would be great to see a few of you there. great sponsors, great presenters, and some of the worlds best scenery. If you have not been to Ouray, this is a great time! Registration opens TOMORROW (3/22) at 10:00am...
  11. jonharis

    Conversation (PM) Limits?

    Will there be limits imposed on the number of Conversations? It appears open ended at this point.
  12. jonharis

    2014 Event Calender

    April 4-6 Cruise Moab Prerun April 10-13 San Rafael Double Overnight Club Trip (Jonathan) April 29-May 4 Cruise Moab May 15-19 Overland Expo May XX Cactus Park (Dave) June 7 GJ off-road show June 13-15 Gunnison Gorge Club Trip (Ace) July 16-20 FJ Summit Sept 5-7 Cruiserfest Crusin'...
  13. jonharis

    Rock Junction - Grand Junction Off-Road Show 2013

    Looking forward to this! I have the off-road show penned into my calender. I hope we can have several BCC members participate. Regardless of if you want to help out, I highly recommend coming out to see the sights. Rock Junction is a great three days of wheeling just prior to the show and also...
  14. jonharis

    March Meeting

    All- The time is overdue for a monthly meeting. With spring in the air and temperatures rising, it's time to get out there! John F. has been generous enough to once again open the doors to his shop and stoke the woodstove for the March Meeting. The meeting will be at 6:30pm, Wednesday, March 5...
  15. jonharis

    Feb/March Meeting

    Well the time is overdue for a club meeting. The hollidays and new year have been exceptionally busy for many of us, and Ace is enjoying new found expatriateism (almost). If anyone would like to plan a Feb meeting that would be great. I, unfortunately am not available till the last half of the...
  16. jonharis

    4th Annual 100s in the Hills - Ouray, Colorado: August 1-3

    Friends, The time is drawing near. The 4th Annual 100s in the Hills is coming to Ouray Colorado once again! This year's event will be held August 1-3 in beautiful Ouray Colorado and is exclusive to the 100 series platform. Yes, you heard it, for this one special weekend, the underdogs of the...
  17. jonharis

    Shipping Motorcycle from GJ to NM.

    I have an acquaintance who needs some help shipping a small motorcycle from Grand Junction to southern NM. Alamogordo, Cloudcroft or somewhere near there. There is no strict timeline. If you know anyone or are that person who can help let me know.
  18. jonharis

    FJ Summit 2014

    Save the date! Are you already dreaming about Summit #8? Well so are We! The Summit planning crew is excited to announce that Ouray, Colorado will once again be the home of the FJ Summit which is scheduled to be held July 16-20, 2014. Look for registration to open up the first weekend in...
  19. jonharis

    Cruise Moab 2014

    The dates have been announced! Who's going? Starting the countdown now! Cruise Moab 2014: Tues. April 29 - Sat. May 3, 2014.
  20. jonharis

    Help Needed: Logistics and Aid for the Grand Junction Off-Road Aug 30-Sept 1

    Epic Rides, A national mountain bike race will be hosting the Grand Junction Off-Road. This is a HUGE chance to be part of a nation wide off-road race, expo and weekend full of fun in general. Volunteers will receive swag and if Book Cliff Cruisers decides to take a big part of this, the club...
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