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  1. fjman

    High End Kitchen Appliance recommendations?

    We are building a house and picking out some high end appliances for the kitchen. Any brands to avoid? I got sucked into online reviews and it seems most of the high end stuff gets some bad reviews but in reality, who reviews a positive experience with their appliances! Here is what we are...
  2. fjman

    Lifting the body for a body mount replacement?

    My body mounts are in really bad shape so I ordered new ones and new hardware from 4crawler. Any thing special I should know before tackling this job? I’m planning to replace all 12 of them. where does everyone do the jacking to safely lift the body a bit without messing up the body? The...
  3. fjman

    Real time help! Can’t get my ram assist off it’s bracket!!!!

    Trying to get the ram off of its mount that connects to the U bolt plate. It looks like maybe I need to press or pound the sleeve out of it but it’s not budging after a number of whacks with the BFH! Any ideas?
  4. fjman

    Looking for a cheap DD/commuter car

    I’m back to work and with the hotel opening back up in 2 months and salty roads ahead, I need to start shopping for a DD I don’t mind driving in the winter. It needs to get decent mpg ,20-ish plus ideally, under 6 ft tall so it will fit in the garage at work and not be super low since that...
  5. fjman

    Failing Heim on ram assist ? How dangerous is it?

    So I have a bit of wander in my steering and some death wobble on the highway. I thought it might have just been unbalanced 40s but then I noticed a little thump In my steering when idling and a metallic clang noise over bumps. I put the 5 year old in the drivers seat to wiggle the steering...
  6. fjman

    Trade  Shot in the dark. My LX470 for your Stout!

    I’ve got a decent 2000 LX470 I’ve been trying to sell ($7400). I’ve always wanted a Stout. If anyone has one that’s in decent shape, runs well and isn’t a total rust bucket I’d be open to a trade. I’m really not interested in traveling more than 500 miles from DC. It’s a shot in the dark but...
  7. fjman

    Recommended reading for American V8s?

    I’m straying from my OEM purist ways... I’ve never owned a vehicle with an American V8 but I will soon! Any recommended reading on American V8s so I don’t sound like a totally clueless person??? I’m pretty excited hehe
  8. fjman

    What about exporting from the US????

    Admittedly, I haven't really researched this but I've heard some dealer employees and middle eastern friends talk about how a lot of Land Cruisers are purchased here and shipped to Africa and the Middle East. In fact, I have a buyer for my 100 series that's supposed to buy my truck next week...
  9. fjman

    Wanted  FJ62 idler pulley with adjuster slide/bracket

    I broke my adjuster screw and the rest is stuck in the slide! I’d even happily just buy the adjuster portion of the assembly too.
  10. fjman

    Source for FJ62 idler pulley adjuster/slide

    My bolt that goes into the adjuster sheared apart! Does anyone know where to get a replacement or the size of the bolt? I bought what I think is the correct little part that links the pulley and adjuster screw but not 100% sure and it won’t be here for a week.
  11. fjman

    Overheating woes!

    Sadly, after purchasing @TRFCSUX FJ62 this year I barely drove it. I ran into some overheating issues and it stranded us one night. I replaced the thermostat and coolant and a cracked thermostat housing thinking I was good. Looks like I'm not in the clear yet! A couple things: I'm not...
  12. fjman

    Copart cars?

    I’ve been looking at some vehicles on Copart and wondering if anyone here has a license to actually buy one? I’m not sure what it’s like in other states, but as a Maryland person it appears i need to hire a broker or be licensed? Has anyone here bought vehicles on copart?
  13. fjman

    H55 with Toybox leaking fluid

    I bought a truck with a toybox behind the 5 speed. It seems to puke up fluid and it seems to be a problem for other folks with this set up. I see how people like to connect the fill holes of their transfer cases and transmissions to avoid issues if the seal between them fails. What about a...
  14. fjman

    Where’s the weep hole on a FJ62 waterpump?

    I’ve had some cooling issues lately and just replaced the thermostat, some hoses and the lower thermostat housing on my FJ62. I’m getting a bit of a small coolant puddle and occasionally the temp gauge creeps up a bit. It’s coming from near the waterpump and I’m wondering where the weep hole...
  15. fjman

    Trade  MD. My 2000 LX470 (166k) for $4-5k plus expo gear!

    See my ad in the classifieds! I’d be down with $4-5k (roughly!)cash plus a hard shell tent and rack for a 60 series.
  16. fjman

    SOLD  MD/DC/VA: 2000 LX470 for trade or Sale Lots of new OEM parts. What do you have!?

    SOLD! FIRM [/B] My HOA is going to be really grumpy if we become a 5 car family in 2 weeks. Its time to let the trusty family hauler go. I would hop in her tomorrow morning and drive cross country without a concern. She's not perfect but overall cleans up well. I've had her for about 2...
  17. fjman

    Wanted  Large Hard shell RTT (doesn't have to be pretty!)

    Just throwing it out there. If anyone has a well used hard shell Rtt they'd like to part with on the cheap, let me know. Scratched up, dented, not pretty.. but still functional. let me know. I'm in Maryland. Needs to be a larger model that'll sleep 2 adults and a 4 year old.
  18. fjman

    SOLD  My FJ60 near Washington DC - SOA PROJECT -CHEAP!

    I need to sell my (project!) 1986 Land Cruiser. It’s lived in 3 garages over 3 moves and I suppose it’s time to sell her as a project. Asking $4400 obo. It started up and drove to its current home but will not start now. I think it really needs a carb rebuild. I’ve owned it for close to 15...
  19. fjman

    Vehicle shipping recommendations

    Hi Guys, So it’s not for a cruiser but I’m buying a car from a seller in Kansas City and thinking that I’ll probably have it shipped back to MD. Debating on open or enclosed but either way, does anyone have a recommendation on shipping companies? I was planning to just drive it home but it’s...
  20. fjman

    Wanted  Built 60 series within 2 days of DC

    Hey everyone. I’m shoppong for another Land Cruiser. Specifically a built 60 series. It should be sorted and run/drive well. Little to no rust. It should have good road manners and have a manual transmission. I like the feel/look of a SOA truck. Happy to travel for the right truck within a...
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