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    front leaf spring top hanger Question

    I have fj40 1975 trying to add greasable bolts they are 5/8 size, bolt will not go in because their is a sleeve inside factory hanger. Can I remove sleeve and not affect integrity of hanger, Hangers are on front. adding new bushings also. Is the purpose of sleeve if it is brass ? their for...
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    Have a Davis DUI Distributor

    What should I gap spark plugs at , DAVIS say you can increase gap , normal gap 2f is 32, thanks
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    leaking head gasket ?

    Thank you !
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    leaking head gasket ?

    how check for a leaking head gasket, on 2f , have white and gray smoke when race motor, but not at idle, is this enough infor. ?
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    where to buy best head gasket for 2f 1983

    is there a head gasket good as OEM out their. less than $90.00 ? thanks
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    Muffler for fj40 a quiet one

    having trouble finding a 13in length 2 1/2 inlet and outlet but a quiet one is the problem , help thanks
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    Mean Green alternator hook up on 75 fj40

    sorry to bother you again , did your head lights go from dim to bright with factory alternator if so did Mean Green , solve the issue?
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    Mean Green alternator hook up on 75 fj40

    John on the voltage regulator that came on your 75 did you just unplug it ?
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    Mean Green alternator hook up on 75 fj40

    mine has 2 slide on clip wires one blk & white one blue & white plus ground is yours setup this way on the Mean Green hook up ? Thank you for your help,
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    Mean Green alternator hook up on 75 fj40

    Looking at Mean Green for stock 75 fj40 has anyone use one and did you do anything to stock wiring when you hooked it up ?
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    G.M. alternator conversion

    thanks for the replys thanks for reply , did it fit right into stock alternator bracket ?
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    G.M. alternator conversion

    Which G.M. alternator do I need to convert my 75 fj40 and steps to do this. THANKS
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    Trail Covers

    I have no pic , but have a factory roll bar , and bought this cover 4 weeks ago, & would buy it again, it fits great & a good buy, John in N.C.
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    Spare Part ID

    A good place to store it is to mount it on your 40, In the past I have sold stock stuff, & regreted it, sell it & you will need it, Mine 2 cents,
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    How to fix ziper on rear window soft top ?

    When zipping rear window it want pull togather ,went to no help their, anyone had this problem ? how did you get a fix ? Thanks John :crybaby:
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    1975 fj40 aftermarket oil pressure gauge power source ?

    When I turn key on to start motor, my oil pressure gauge reads 25lbs. oil pressure, & motor is not running , I have wire ran to fuse box . where is my problem ? When motor is runing oil pressure reads 100 lbs. but is around 75 lb. ? I do run the high volume oil pump , from T.P.I. not...
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    Trail Covers

    I wish I could post pics, but I'am down with pic feature on my driver. But their are a few pics on S/designs web , may not be the best pics, but you can see that trail cover is not a air tight, cover ,wind will get under it, unless you have it made with a cord pull all the way around ...
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    Trail Covers

    I would never tow with with cover on !!! wind would do damage, my 2 cents
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    Trail Covers

    I just recevied a black cover soft top, I have a Tiger top fom Spector, same as a Best Top with bows, And I could not be more pleased unless it was FREE . It fits perfect, all the way around, secure straps are in the right places also. If you are a soft top cruiser head ,this is a...
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    Knuckle Bearing Preload Problem

    Last week I was doing knuckle rebuild , went to put in new bearings & races, and low and beholed , old races were stamped 2.2 camber , p.o. must have done this, may be worth checking yours, & may have nothing to do with your problem, my 2 cents, John
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