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  1. sean2202

    Bluetooth sound system for shop. Any recommendations?

    I have been using the Dewalt DCR010 Bluetooth speaker system now for a few years with success. It is really handy and portable. Travels well, good for garage, bonfires or just working in the yard. Battery life is good and outlasts an I phone. Wish that it could charge a cell phone somehow...
  2. sean2202

    Black Friday 2020 Deals

    Element fire extinguishers are 15% off with code EFHS20 at checkout. These are pretty neat extinguishers. Mine sit nicely between the door frame and the seat of the truck. Coupon expires Dec 1st. Models – Element Fire Extinguishers
  3. sean2202

    Favorite Snow Tires for 100 series?

    I am looking for a non studded snow tire for this winter. Currently I have an old set of Firestone winterforce 265/75/16, (this is what size tirerack recommends for a 2000LC). Winterforce IMO are good for snow but terrible in icy conditions. Not even close to A Bridgestone DM-V2 The tread...
  4. sean2202

    100 series Windshield Replacement Question: OEM vs. After Market Glass

    Well what a joke and a B/S artist this guy was. Replaced the glass with PGW and used rivets that I found from another thread on here. Toyota shop supposedly did rust repair around windshield. Well low and behold about 2 months after it was done a rock hit the glass and chipped it. A quote to...
  5. sean2202

    Garage and workshop cabinet recommendations?

    Those Saber cabinets look really nice. I just put an order in for the Sandusky lee cabinets yesterday from Northern Tool. Wait time is 5 weeks. I will update the thread when they arrive. Hope they are good quality.
  6. sean2202

    Garage and workshop cabinet recommendations?

    Thanks guys. Pressboard may not be the best right now because currently there is no heat and hopefully that will come about this winter as well. My wife’s grandfather did his garage in old cabinets but is a master craftsman. I need something turn key for time restraints but will explore it if...
  7. sean2202

    Garage and workshop cabinet recommendations?

    Greetings, Looking to get some ideas on garage storage cabinets or other organization methods. Currently I have 3 bottom tool chests which measure 126” which I will make a top for then have pegboard on the wall. I need to find some wall cabinets or other storage solution to go above the...
  8. sean2202

    Prospeed 100 series roof rack for Landcruiser and LX470!

    @prospeed sent you a PM. Please check your inbox. Thank you.
  9. sean2202

    Recovery gear for mowers?

    Greetings, I was looking for recommendations on recovery gear for Turf mowers and equipment at my work. The smaller mowers weigh about 1000lbs and the larger ones weigh just under 5k. I know one size does not fit all in this case. Most of the time what happens is they get hung up and loose...
  10. sean2202

    Need help on a solar power system for a small irrigation trailer

    Greetings, I am looking for some recommendations on designing a basic solar charging system for a small utility trailer that we use at my work for irrigation. The cart is pulled by a turf gator or golf cart and can not be directly hooked up to a battery because many different carts can be used...
  11. sean2202

    Experience with Ironman Recovery Equipment

    Just ordered this kit. $249 on sale from $349. They also have a small kit for $149 on sale from $300.
  12. sean2202

    Coronapocalypse Sales

    Come on MUD vendors....we are all going to get govt. checks, have to spend it before the wife sees it!
  13. sean2202

    Ironman Winch - Opinions/Experiences?

    So I see these Ironman winches are on sale. Any recent feedback on them after some more years of use?
  14. sean2202

    Kavik 100 Series Front Bumper

    @nutritiouspig I just picked up a dissent Aluminum rear bumper. Have not put it together yet but I think it will be a good match to the Kavik front bumper that I have with the bull bar on my LC.
  15. sean2202

    Prospeed 100 series roof rack for Landcruiser and LX470!

    @prospeed sent you a few PM's a while back, not sure if you received them? I know that you are very busy just wanted to touch base with you. Thanks.
  16. sean2202

    Parts cleaner solvent?

    I use this stuff at my work through Certified labs. Sounds like bad stuff if you read the label. Works good and I get about two years from a tank. I use the parts cleaner almost everyday. Do not recall price. Also check out Schaeffer citrol 266. Pricey but good for small jobs.
  17. sean2202


    Finally finished off this pile.
  18. sean2202

    Helpful writeup on painting a truck!

    What a great writeup @TX_TLC ! Worth bringing this thread back for others to read.
  19. sean2202

    How To: Fuel Filter 100 Series

    Thanks for the write up and pictures @OG 91 LC ! I do not know why speaking with a service tech at a local Toyota shop that they call this a "lifetime filter". If it was lifetime why is it so easily accessible? I first changed my original at 150k and now again at 232k. I should actually shorten...
  20. sean2202

    How-To: TechStream In 5 Minutes

    Curious, In the process of setting techstream up. Can techstream recalibrate an occupant detection sensor for an air bag warning and code B1650?
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