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    FL40 Soft Half Doors

    Cleaning out the garage and found a pair of soft half doors for an FJ40. They're in pretty good shape -- one small (size of a dime) semi-circular rip where the door mechanism wore part way through the driver's door, could probably be glued back together. Some miscellaneous threads have pulled...
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    FJ40 drivetrain in chassis, tub, 2 hardtops

    30 October 2005: Sale pending on everything.... 5 November 2005: Everything has been sold. Thanks! I've come to the conclusion that an FJ40 won't work for me, so I'm selling off all the parts I've accumulated, starting with the big stuff. Once the big stuff is gone, I'll start to wade...
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    Towing an FJ40 with a towbar

    I just bought a '69 FJ40 and I need to find a way to bring it home. It's about 90 miles away and it runs fine, but I can't find a buddy to make the trip with me, so towing may be my only option. Does anyone have any experience with one of those towbars that U-Haul rents? Would I do any damage...
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    FJ40 body on FJ55 frame?

    This may seem pretty strange (and maybe it IS strange) but I'm wondering if anyone ever mounted a stretched FJ40 body on an FJ55 frame. I noticed that the front and rear tracks are identical, so I should only have to stretch the 40 body lengthwise. And since I have to take my 40 over to...
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    Tub compatibility/interchange

    Does anyone know what years of FJ-40 tubs would fit on a '77 chassis? I've got a '77 with only 75K miles on it, but the body was allowed to rust away by a previous owner. What years should I be looking at for a replacement tub? On a related topic, does anyone have experience or an opinion on...
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