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  1. Tapage

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    you got a link for those hella .?
  2. Tapage

    1hdt fuel mileage

    You will get more power out of the FT more easily if that's your goal .. to get standard numbers both get them easily while the FT it's a much more expensive engine .. and hard to come by.
  3. Tapage

    1hdt fuel mileage

    If you can get a1HD-T go for it .. and yes .. to get the same power from the 1HZ it will be as thirsty as the 1HD-T if not more ..
  4. Tapage

    Thoughts on Headlights

    Back in the day I found them in Amazon ..
  5. Tapage

    1991 HDJ81 Injection pump assembly replacement/rebuild for $2000 - $6000 USD? HELP!

    I would rather rebuild mine in a reputable shop that I trust than buy used with unknown km / miles and service ..
  6. Tapage

    Can't shift from Park, No blinkers, no power windows - Brake Lights/Fuses okay

    I'm not clear here .. you mention HDJ81 ( 1HD-T ) combined with ignition wires replaced .? are we talking the ignition key cylinder ..? ( dash )
  7. Tapage

    My 1HD-T Big End (Rod) Bearings pics.

    You did it right .. yours are very good shape tho .. I've seen much worse on a perfect healthy engine.
  8. Tapage

    80 series lift 3'' or 4''

    got 4" OME comp coils in the front and 3" ome J on the rear .. for a very leveled stance .. ( which I love ) and I would need to ask .. why are you going up ..?
  9. Tapage

    Builds Wits' End Turbo Test Mule #3- no cartwheeling allowed

    Very Sexy !
  10. Tapage

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    Not common to see folks with chains for mud ..
  11. Tapage

    BP-51 for the 80 Series

    I would say that's a sweet deal you made right there ..
  12. Tapage

    BP-51 for the 80 Series

    short .. I would say more like 1K per corner .. ( and I might be short too )
  13. Tapage

    Lockers engage anytime mod

    Old thread revival .. anyone with a pic of the 4 pin at the connector ?
  14. Tapage

    ARB bumper lights. Post your pictures

    I'll play .. will be in love with Warn SDB-210 forever ..
  15. Tapage

    Considering purchasing a turbo diesel 80 series

    80 series are complete different animal .. it's the one you consider auto tranny or manual .?
  16. Tapage


    please a video test run !
  17. Tapage

    How to Beat Slinky Stage 4

    those king shocks !
  18. Tapage

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    Another one for you ..
  19. Tapage

    1FZ-FE engine with H55f transmission?

    I have the H55F rated above the H151 .. ( have both and the H150 to compare on my Cruisers )
  20. Tapage

    Bolt on turbo kit

    Are you going to sell this adapter ? I think I ask this question before .. and you said yes, not sure if that have changed .. if not I will be interested ( pretty sure not the only one ) in buy it .. of aftermarket oil pressure and oil temp gauges.
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