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    3rd row seat removal/storage area, 2013 GX

    Did a quick search on here with no results. I just picked up a ‘13 GX460. We only have 1 kid, so was curious if anyone has removed the 3rd row seats and built a storage compartment in the space that it would leave? Thinking just a hinged, tilt up shelf to throw stuff under.
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    Still no AC blower fan or brake lights

    Well, if you read my earlier post about identifying what ended up being the AC Amplifier, I replaced my blower motor resistor, blower motor relay, checked that the blower motor wasn't just bound up inside the housing, ran it direct with a battery, double checked the circuit breaker, etc all...
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    The case of the Misidentified FJ

    I just had a run in with another FJ owner. I was in a drive-thru line, come around a corner and there sits a pretty nice FJ62 is parked there just to the side. Checking it out a little closer, it had a new style ARB bumper, a roof rack bolted directly to the roof, LED headlights, 18" chrome...
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    Can someone ID this part

    87 FJ60. This is attached to the AC just under the glove box. I thought it was the resistor for the blower motor, but it doesn’t look like a resistor to me. I’m looking at this because I get no air movement. I have tested the blower motor straight to a battery and it does operate, but it...
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    Electrical issue

    Hooking up my dual battery system, got everything buttoned up, connected the batteries, and could immediately hear what sounded like arc-ing and could smell something burning, but it wasn’t the relay or electrical for that matter. After a minute I realize that the power steering line is leaking...
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    Overland Expo

    Anybody going to the Overland Expo in Flagstaff this weekend? I’m in Sedona on vacation for the week, thinking about running through Friday or Saturday on my way home. I’ve seen some pretty serious rigs come through here. Both straight overland rigs, and some really nice trailers behind suped up...
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    Engine Bay Wiring Diagram

    Does anybody have a PDF of the wiring diagram for a 1987 FJ60 engine bay? Did some searching here and some Google-ing to no avail. I have a bunch of leftover connections that have just been sitting there since the truck was converted to a 350. I'm trying to figure out what these connectors are...
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    Wheel Well Covers

    Does anybody make new wheel well covers? Did a quick search and cant find anything. I would normally lean toward just taking them out, but they do a pretty decent job of toning down sounds and we have a lot of rocky/dirt roads where I usually run around.
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    Fitz's Red 87 FJ60 Build

    Figured I would start myself a build thread real quick. Have new tires and wheels so far, will be rebuilding the front axle, replacing wheel bearings on the rear, along with rear disc brakes. Speedhut gauges and a dash cap are ordered, as well as new side mirrors and headlights. After that I...
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    Hood Cross members

    Cleaning up my 60 yesterday I pulled the original hood liner off and noticed that the hood support crossmembers aren’t actually attached to the hood skin. Is this right or am I actually seeing that all of those spot welds have failed? What has everybody else used as a new liner? Dynamat? I was...
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    For Sale  1- FJ60 Stock Rim

    I have one FJ60 stock chrome rim. Currently has an old Yokohama Geolander on it that I will have removed. This was the spare tire that's been sitting in the 60 for the last 10 years. Bought 5 new wheels and tires for it, so no need for this anymore. Thinking $80 plus shipping. Which I will have...
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    I'm Back! couple questions

    Been a long enough time that I can't get back into my old name or remember it, think it was BigRedFJ60 or something or other. It's been 10 years since I have been on here because I blew the head gasket on my 1987 FJ60 (SBC) and basically traded it to my dad as a deer lease truck. Well, this...
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