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  1. mylesprimo

    Nav Issue - External device error

    I have a 2002 with factory navigation. I have owned it for 6 months now and have not been able to successfully use the navigation. it will not let me access any of the buttons that are brought on display as if it were locked. I can just go to a point manually and get directions from there...
  2. mylesprimo

    To all with LineX on their 100s

    So I just got my 100 back from getting painted after a tornado scratched it up and broke a window in STL. I had the body shop leave the side trim off because I am dabbling with the idea of whether or not I should LineX from the top of the trim line down. My only question is how did you guys...
  3. mylesprimo

    For those with Borla Exhaust

    So I purchased the Borla exhaust system and upon arrival I think I am a pipe short. It came with the muffler and resonator pieces, but no intermediate pipe or crossover pipe going to the driver side catalytic. That is supposed to be there right? Can someone who has installed this kit confirm...
  4. mylesprimo

    For Sale  Truxus MT 35x12.50r15 on black steelies

    I have a set of four tires in great condition with very little tread wear that are Truxus MT 35x12.50r15 on black steelies. I sold the rig they went on and these won't fit what I have now. Price brand new is over $1250 Tires and rims I need $1000 for tires alone I need $800...
  5. mylesprimo

    For Sale  mini truck stuff, MC and Skye and WARN

    Ok I sold off my 87 4runner so I am sitting on a ton of parts that will not fit in my 02 LC100. I know I went down the mall cruiser road, but as soon as I own my new LC 100% percent it will become my expedition rig. But in the meantime I need to clear some space in my shed. Here it goes...
  6. mylesprimo

    For Sale  1988 4runner with 3.4 swap and parts

    The time has come for me to sell my project and use the money elsewhere (baby on the way). You can see the start of my buildup here. I have since put a lot more work into it. I have put new H4 conversion lights in with a heavy duty light harness. I also put a disc brake conversion on the...
  7. mylesprimo

    For Sale  Clean locked 93 FZJ80 $5200 OBO

    I am looking to get into a 1st gen 4Runner and want to move my cruiser. It has been fun, just ready for something different When I got the Cruiser it had a bad ECM and I replaced it with a one from a 94. I also rebuilt the front axle with all OEM parts. I replaced the battery with a store...
  8. mylesprimo

    Tires with stock suspension

    So I get up to go to work today and I find my car like this Quickly police and my insurance were contacted. It will all be covered, but I was wondering if I should upgrade my tires. I had Cooper Discoverer STT 265/75 r 16 with stock rims, but I can upgrade the tires to 315/75 with new...
  9. mylesprimo

    Oil Pressure Switch malfunction

    So I had a pretty nasty oil leak that I determined was coming from my valve cover gasket and oil pump seal. Before doing he work I pressure washed most the residue. After doing this it ran like crap because water may have gotten in the intake. that is gone now. Changed the valve cover gasket...
  10. mylesprimo

    E-bay 1994 FZJ80 ECU

    This is not mine, but I know I had a time finding one when my 93 junked out. It is cheap and anyone in need should jump on this. ECU
  11. mylesprimo

    93 fender flares, running boards, and other stuff

    I have a lot of stuff I am trying to get rid of. Buyer pays the price plus the ride. Full set of fender flares $...SOLD Rear mud flaps $...SOLD Running boards $...SOLD PAIR valve system $25 Factory jack $...SOLD here are some pics If there is any hardware not pictured I...
  12. mylesprimo

    Jack and ashtray from 93 FZJ80

    I have the ashtray and holder from my 93 Fzj80 that I do not need anymore. it is all functional, I just used the space for a CB speaker. Price is $15. I also have the original jack and the holder for the same vehicle. I do not have any of the associated tools only the jack. Price...
  13. mylesprimo

    York mount measurements

    I am trying to fabricate a york mount, and I was wondering if anyone has the measurements for the actual mount. I don't want it to go on the water pump so I need to get it as close to the engine as possible. I am not worried about the heater hose. Any help would be great.
  14. mylesprimo

    York 210 Working Compressor

    I have a York 210 I am selling that is in working condition. It was made in 2002 and has the factory serial number plate. It does not come with a clutch, and has been modified by the previous owner. as in the pics the left side mount has been machined down, and the bottom hole that there is a...
  15. mylesprimo

    Switches for a garage door opener

    Six switches that could be used for garage door openers Some have the harness and some don't if you want them then pm me a price. Update: 1 Defroster, 1 Trac off, and 1 Cruise switch, possible...
  16. mylesprimo

    Running boards off a 93 FZJ80

    I have the running boards off of my cruiser that I am looking to sell. I saw some go for $85 + the ride. I have no problem shipping, but due to the size it might get expensive. They are in great condition, little surface rust on the brackets but that is it. I will put up pics if needed.
  17. mylesprimo

    FZJ80 Radio Antenna

    I am debating on whether or not I should eliminate the stock antenna and using my CB as my radio antenna. It works fine, and there are no bends in the mast. the motor is great. I would be willing to part with it for $45 plus the ride. that is the motor and the mast, but not the button.
  18. mylesprimo

    Question for the OBA gurus...

    I am installing a york compressor, and have a ten gallon auxiliary tank. I was wondering if this tank is too large more so clearance wise. it has around a 12 inch diameter and will be mounted to the frame behind the rear axle. the spare has been moved. will this be an issue with clearance...
  19. mylesprimo

    93 with one O2 Sensor??

    I posted this question a while back and never got a direct question. I plan on redoing my exhaust, and running a y-collector with either 2.5 or 3 inch output back to a high flow cat and either glasspack or magnaflow exhaust. My question is can I eliminate one of my two o2 sensors since they...
  20. mylesprimo

    1993 fzj80 ecu

    Yes this is pn 89661-60170 and it does register the 83, 84, 85 codes, but when I pulled it it did not interfere with performance any. I am putting it up for sale to see if anyone wants it to try to send it out to get modded, or just to have a spare ecu lying around. I bought the replacement...
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