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  1. Gun Runner 5

    Trail Communications

    What are you guys using for communications (HAM, FRS, CB)?
  2. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale  Nissan Y60 Parts
  3. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale  Nissan Y60 Knuckle Kits (Terrain Tamer)

    First of all I do realize this is basically a Toyota forum but I know there are Nissan Y60 owners out there. 😊 Odd Iron Off Road has 3 Terrain Tamer, Nissan knuckle kits (two SH13WB & one SH14WB) for sale at a significant discount. Regular price is $326.00 per kit and our sale price is...
  4. Gun Runner 5

    River Crossings

    Feel free to upload your river crossings here. I’ll start with this one.
  5. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale  Pricing Help

    Premise #1. I don’t know squat about 100 Series Land Cruisers. I am looking at a 1998 100 Series, 1 owner, approximately 115,000 miles. The Cruiser is silver with an above average interior and no visible rust. I haven’t seen the Cruiser in person and am trying to decide if it’s worth a road...
  6. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale  H55 + Transfer Case

    ..... SOLD ..... I’m selling my H55 + Transfer Case + Correct Bellhousing and Input Shaft for a 1HZ Diesel Engine. This transmission was pulled from my truck a couple of weeks ago. (I had sourced a new R151 which has since been installed). The transmission / transfer case shifted smoothly and...
  7. Gun Runner 5

    Wanted  Toyota Electrical Manual (1999-2007)

    Looking for a Toyota electrical manual (1HZ / 79 Series specific) 1999-2007. Thanks
  8. Gun Runner 5

    Total Length .... 77 Series

    Can anyone provide the total length of their 77 Series (from factory rear bumper to ARB Brushbar)? Thanks
  9. Gun Runner 5

    HAM Questions

    Anyone have both the time and patience to answer some HAM questions via P.M. or email? Thanks
  10. Gun Runner 5

    Aussie Antenna

    I see a lot of Aussie Land Cruisers running this style of antenna. Is this basically their version of a CB radio or something totally different?
  11. Gun Runner 5

    6th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet
  12. Gun Runner 5

    6th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet
  13. Gun Runner 5

    6th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet
  14. Gun Runner 5

    6th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet
  15. Gun Runner 5

    6th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet
  16. Gun Runner 5

    Overhead Console

    I finally got around to contacting Chris (@c2dfj45) about his overhead consoles but as usual I was a day late and a dollar short and was informed that his inventory was already sold out. I'm giving some thought to having him place another order and am trying to determine if there's additional...
  17. Gun Runner 5

    National Luna

    Anyone running a National Luna battery system in their 70 Series? The system was installed by the previous owner and appears to function properly but I don't have any type of operators manual and am relegated to YouTube videos. Thanks
  18. Gun Runner 5

    Windshield Wiper Motor

    Will an 80 Series windshield wiper motor assembly work on a 70 Series?
  19. Gun Runner 5

    Backup Cameras

    Anyone have backup cameras on your 70 Series and if so, what brand and what size screens are you running?
  20. Gun Runner 5

    Utes In The U.S.

    There seems to be a growing interest in Toyota Ute's (or pickups if you wish) in the U.S. I wonder how many are already in the U.S. (an informal poll if you will) and yes I realize that not all truck owners are on 'MUD. The numbers should include "builds" that are nearing completion.
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