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    For Sale  *sold*

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    Casual off-roading in Moab?

    We will be in Moab for 5 days next month and I am wondering if there are any places that we can explore in our 80 series. It is bone stock without lockers, so nothing super gnarly that may leave us stuck or stranded. We are also considering bringing our GSD pup with us, who will be 6 months old...
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    Wanted  air intake for 1FZ-FE

    Please include pics, and price shipped to 66048. Thanks!
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    Wanting more power and thinking of boosting the 1FZ

    This past summer the wife, daughter, and I went on a 4500 mile road trip that took us through the Rockies and southwest from there. The truck (as we call it) was obviously hampered in the higher altitude, and we are wanting to up the power for future trips that will include a pop-up at the very...
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    1FZ-FE starter question

    I went to O'Reilly's to order a replacement starter, and I was asked if it is high torque or not. I have never been asked that question regarding a starter before, so I said yes. Is there a difference in starters for the 1FZ? Sorry if this has been posted before, I have 30 minutes to change the...
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    Wanted  1 LX450/80 series wheel

    I need one wheel to use as a spare, tire not needed. Depending on price, I am ok with paying for shipping to KS. Or, if you are in the KC area and have one I would be able to meet up.
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    Question regarding rear hatch fitment for LX450

    The hatch on our LX450 has dents in the lower left corner of the bottom hatch about the size of a softball, and across the nameplate on the upper hatch that has cracked the nameplate. I found a local scrapyard that has a '93 LC and was wondering if the hatches from that would fit the LX450. I...
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