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  1. RHINO

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    i'll have to swing by when jack goes over to say hi, and see the rig. i'll bring mine and jack can drive his 55 and we'll just crash the neighborhood with cruisers.
  2. RHINO

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    hey man, havent seen you in a while,, rig is looking good, i dig the poor mans brake, and all the fab work being done w/o high dollar specialized tools, i guess cause thats how i roll too.
  3. RHINO

    Turn signal flasher inquiry...

    i would do something temp to test it out first before cutting the plug.
  4. RHINO

    Turn signal flasher inquiry...

    sounds like your not drawing enough power to keep it flashing while only two are on. happens to us motorcycle guys all the time and an electronic flasher is the preferred fix.
  5. RHINO

    Introducing myself and the Red Raper

    i thought you would have meant rapier,,, you say your not a rapper so you are a rapist? :p in the commercial, you would think for the cruise at 85mph bit they wouldnt be showing cars doing what must be well over 95mph passing.
  6. RHINO

    Doubler ratio choices?

    drew your not kidding, first low low is real low,, i hardly ever use it. cruiser 60, the 4.7 is nice to have the option. its about the same as your dbl low and i find myself using it alot, but rarely super stupid low. if i was in your shoes i dont know if the 4.7 swap out would really be...
  7. RHINO

    Doubler ratio choices?

    ok, i get where your going with this now. i dont really know about over reving the gears like that. i do it once in a while and i can hear the gears start whizzing. it doesnt happen often as i am usually in a gear all the time and rarely going down hills in neutral so i think its one of those...
  8. RHINO

    Doubler ratio choices?

    i dont think anybody understands what your asking, including myself. i have the same 4.7 toybox and have driven around in all possible gear combos. i have noticed some overlapping gear ratios in certain combos, but i dont see any harm if thats what your asking.
  9. RHINO

    Does this look right?

    i'd send it back then call cruiser outfitters
  10. RHINO

    What's wrong with this picture?

    i might be an idiot, deleted the reply above so ya dont pay any attention to my hot cam rambling:)
  11. RHINO

    Turn Signal -- slowing down ?

    yeah all 4 are wired on the same circuit, you could have another bad connection on any or all 3 of the rest. just got through them and clean up where needed, dont forget the sockets, pull out the bulbs and check for corrosion.
  12. RHINO

    Has anyone seen rear brake drums without retainer screws?

    its being held on by a lip worn in the drum, you'll need to manually back off the adjuster screw till you can pull the drum off.
  13. RHINO

    Is this Nut Holding the parking brake drum on supposed to be like this?

    my 75 is staked so the change was prolly from 10 to 16 spline,,,, LC maybe ya should get a stake nut or two just in case, cruiser outfitters has'em cheap.
  14. RHINO

    Bleeding the Monte Carlo rear disc calipers

    well shoot guess i'll post a pic too
  15. RHINO

    Shackle angles... again

    another option would be to move the shackle hangers.
  16. RHINO

    Did I do something wrong? RE: Disc brake conversion

    are you using the mini tie rod?? it is a little longer, 1.5" if i remember
  17. RHINO

    M13X1.25 nut- Is there such a thing?

    do you have a local leaf spring shop? take one u-bolt there and let them see, its prolly not metric, they should have nuts to fit, ACE should be able to fix you up as well, my local ACE stores have great hardware.
  18. RHINO

    Saginaw or "Toyota Style" Steering Conversion?

    well guys i guess i'm the black sheep. course i run a 60 series box instead of the mini truck style, its been fine with 37's.
  19. RHINO

    Building a Toyota "Rubicon"?

    hey slow eddy, do ya read anything when you make a reply or just reply to a threads title?:flipoff2: open the IPOR link. waytovich, i'm with ya man, i always thought it would be cool to stretch a 40 and drop it on a 60, then take it far as you want. but of course i'm a 55 guy at heart and i...
  20. RHINO

    Building a Toyota "Rubicon"?

    hehe, well i wasnt trying to tick you off.
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