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  1. Dlathem

    For Sale  Cullman, AL - 1978 FJ40 Front Seats

    Two front seats out of a 1978 FJ40. I'll include the seat belts as well. $500. Prefer local pickup but happy to ship Fastenal on your dime.
  2. Dlathem

    For Sale  Cullman, AL - FJ40 / FJ55 Vacuum Transfer Case Parts

    I have no idea if there is any interest in these or not, but I'm taking them off of my pig. See pics for what I have (on the firewall). I don't have the transfer case, only the two doodads on the firewall with the lines. Make me an offer and you own them. .
  3. Dlathem

    For Sale  Cullman, AL - (2) 1978 FJ40 Gas Tanks

    Both are in the same condition, both have been POR15'd on the outside. Have not been lined. Asking $75 each. Willing to ship as long as you pay for it. One has a sending unit in it of unknown condition.
  4. Dlathem

    For Sale  Cullman, AL - 2F Engine

    My CL ad link is below. I also have a 3 speed and transfer case, a 4 speed and transfer case, and a 4 speed with questionable partially disassembled transfer case. I prefer local pickup but can ship it Fastenal on you dime. I just always prefer someone to put eyes on it before buying. Asking...
  5. Dlathem

    For Sale  Cullman, AL - FJ40 3 Speed Transmission and Transfer Case

    It came with my FJ55 in the back of the truck. Clearly it won't work back there. Previous owner planned to convert it from column shift to floor shift. I know absolutely nothing about the tranny and transfer case but one would assume Mr. Previous Owner did his homework and checked them out prior...
  6. Dlathem

    SOLD  Cullman, AL - 1FZFE Engine and A442 Transmission - 184k CarFax and Maint. Receipts

    Tell me about this great engine: I bought this engine and tranny from a guy who bought the whole truck for the axles (lockers). Truck ran and drove but had some body rust. Guy lived at the beach in FL. Truck had 184k miles, 2 owners, lots and lots of maintenance receipts. I have the CarFax as...
  7. Dlathem

    SOLD  1978 FJ40 Evaporator Shields

    $75 OBO plus the shipping for both. These have not been repainted. They came out of a 1978 FJ40 with pristine interior...That was rusty as all get out. Sat a long time with doors shut and windows up. Located in Cullman, AL.
  8. Dlathem

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Air Cleaner

    $60 and I'll pay the shipping to you. Fall decorations not included, just the air cleaner. No wingnut, sorry.
  9. Dlathem

    For Sale  Alabama - FJ40 Bib $200

    FJ40 bib that I forgot I had! Bought it last year for an FJ40 that I have since sold and wifey sound it today under the bed. Yes, I store good parts under the bed. Surface rust only, great patina. I don't recall what year 40 it came off of, but I'm sure someone here knows. Photos below. Asking...
  10. Dlathem

    Red Kap Toyota Mechanic / Shop Shirts

    I've got Small, Large, and XXL available. All are used but in all honesty look new to me. I've not seen a stain or mark on any shirt. $20 each shipped to you in the US, or $35 for two shipped. PayPal or Venmo is fine to Thanks!!
  11. Dlathem

    Wanted  1st Gen Pickup Interior Parts

    Looking for some better pieces than I have now. Cluster, dash pad, door panels, etc. for a 1982 4x4.
  12. Dlathem

    For Sale  AL - F Engine - Parts or Whole

    Carb is listed separately. I have no clue what this is worth. I'm pulling it and need it out of my way. I'm happy to sell the whole engine (less carb) or sell whatever brackets, valve cover, doodads, etc. you might need. Located in Cullman, Alabama and happy to ship anywhere on your dime. Here...
  13. Dlathem

    OM617 Power vs. 22R

    Considering an OM617 into a 1982 4x4 pickup. I've seen swaps with later trucks but can't find a thread with a 1st gen. I've heard there are clearance issues and want to know if that's true or can be overcome. Also other than the "cool factor" of the rattling motor, how's the power compared to a...
  14. Dlathem

    SOLD  AL - Aisin D40 1 Barrel Carb

    Taken off a 1970 FJ55 F engine. In unknown condition as I pulled the motor to replace it with a 2F. $125 and I'll pay the shipping anywhere in the USA. No apples, ziploc bags, or pumpkin bread is included. Only the carb. ;)
  15. Dlathem

    Wanted  1st Gen Pickup Bed - 4x4 Short - Red

    I know I'm asking for unicorn poop, but I just bought a 1982 4x4 pickup, red with the 3 tone gray stripes. Amazing patina, original paint AND A TAN BED. I hate to paint the whole truck, I'd really like to find a red bed somewhere. I realize it's a long shot but thought I'd try nonetheless. I'm...
  16. Dlathem

    SOLD  Cullman, AL 1983 FJ60 - SOA on 37s

    Meet El Bandito. I bought this truck in July of 2018 from a fellow cruiser nut in Colorado. I flew to CO, paid the man, and drove it back to AL with zero issues. I bought the truck with the intention of my son and I having fun off-roading on the weekends, but we've done it once and I drive it...
  17. Dlathem

    New Pig Owner w/ Brake Questions

    Hey guys - I'm the proud owner of a new-to-me 1970 FJ55 (Jimmy Dean). I'm not new to cruisers, but this is my first 55. I have some brake questions. Since my truck was made between 12/69 and 1/70, I only have a single circuit master cylinder, clearly no booster. I have a spare FJ60 front axle...
  18. Dlathem

    Wanted  Early FJ40 Mirrors - Arms and Heads

    I have a 1971 FJ40 (red one in my profile pic) which has no mirrors. I have the bracket on the doors only. Looking for some used ones with some blemishes / character but w/o cracked mirrors. My truck has some rust (aka patina) and new ones would stick out like a sore thumb. Thanks!
  19. Dlathem

    SOLD  SOLD - OME 2863 Springs

    My son bought these for his 2000 100-Series and without 3rd row seats, spare, and aftermarket bumper, it was too much lift. They were literally installed for 2-3 days sitting in my driveway while he ordered the 1.5" springs and I installed them which he has now. Asking $160 and I'll pay the...
  20. Dlathem

    Wanted  Tan FJ60 Door Panel

    Needing a front passenger side door panel that matches these for my 1983 FJ60. It seems to be an odd panel, however I have a gray one just like it so I’m thinking they’re stock.
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