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    Clicking sounds from belts or radiator fan?

    Changed headlight bulbs this am, and heard this on start-up..... no immediately obvious place where this is coming from....
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    What are some obvious things to tighten up / secure that cause noise over bumps and rough roads?

    My 96 has rattles and shakes of something(s) when I’m on rough roads and bumps. I have an 06 4runner which is rock solid. No rattles or shakes regardless of how rough the road. Are there obvious things to tighten up or secure?
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    Wanted  80 series WAAG brush guard (NorCal)

    Anyone? Looking for my 96 fzj80
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    Wanted  80 Series Front Brush Guard (WAAG or other?) (NorCal)

    Yep, damage multiplier. I get it. I get it. Want 'em anyway. Anyone? Anyone?
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    Maaco paint job, just back from the shop!

    $3800 Maaco paint job. 135k miles, 96.... Bought her for 6500 a year ago, been slowly bringing her back... Interior is next...
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    Wanted  Wanted: 80 Series WAAG Tail Light Guards

    I know, I know.... damage multiplier and looks stupid. Don't care. I like the look on the tail lights.... Anyone?
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    How much oil can leak from rear main seal? Without seeing it?

    I have a 96FZJ 80. With 143K miles. Going through may be a quart of oil every thousand miles or so. My mechanic says I have a rear main seal leak. But I never see drips on the driveway. I thought I might have a bad head gasket or leaking through the valves or something but I never see blue...
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    Where can I find this piece?

    Not sure if I find the toggle / knob that i need here, or if i have to replace a lot more to get this thing.
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    What’s this noise?

    I have a 96 with 140 K on it. All new suspension components as I bought it a few months ago and had everything gone over and had my guy replace just about anything that needed to be replaced. When I go over speed bumps slowly, I get this clang as the car settles down after the bump. sounds...
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    Difficulty finding original right rear body/door flare for 96 FJZ80 (green)

    I recently bought my 96 FJZ80, and there was damage to right rear, where both the flare on the door and on the body had been torn off. (The corner bumper was also off, but i was able to buy an old one and replace it myself.) Here's the thing: I HAVE the original green body flare, but 2 out of...
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