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    2F Tick Diagnosis

    Need help diagnosing a potential cam tick. Its most pronounced on the passenger side of the oil pan by pistons 5 and 6. I pulled the oil pan expecting to find pieces of bearing and didn’t find much. I pulled a couple end caps to inspect the bearings and found what I think is only minor...
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    FJ60 Holley Sniper Conversion

    Took the old Weber off this weekend and got the Sniper EFI on and it pretty unbelievable the difference it makes. Outside of an engine rebuild I don't know what else could make that big of a difference. Here are some of the pics. Fuel system schematic Stock fuel lines on FJ60 are set...
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    DNP Carpet Installed!

    Along with restoring the seats and interior trim, I had to install new brown carpet from DNP, @dnp Just some minor trimming and it went in pretty easily. Checked out the full project on IG @houstonlandcruisers
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    FJ60/2F Temp Sender Adapter

    All, putting on sniper currently and want to keep the stock temp gauge in dash working. Whats the female/male adapter that goes in to the block? Male, 1/2" t to Female 3/8"?
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    Thanks FJ Community

    Thanks to this forum and the great guidance I have gotten from the Land Cruiser community! I recently purchased a ‘82 FJ60 that needed some work. In short, it was running rough and wouldn’t idle when warm. Through searching on this forum I have replaced the charcoal canister with a GM style...
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