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  1. Advrider639

    Stripes... Who makes em?

    I have decided that my LC needs some body stripes. Is there anyone who offers this turn key or do I need to find a vinyl company to cut me some? Sides and hood. @cbmontgo I’m looking at pikachu for my pattern.
  2. Advrider639

    FREE  Fj40 diff stuff

    I don’t know if this would provide any value to anyone.... don’t really want to ship. The raises in the diff housing for spider gears are worn/cracked. Ring gear has pitting. Pinion has pitting and threads are mangled. Atlanta Georgia. Come and get it before it goes to trash.
  3. Advrider639

    (1977 FJ40) - "School of Hard Knocks" Build Thread

    Ive got an original build thread buried way back in here, but I did I terrible job of keeping it up to date. It'll be cleaner and easier to start new: Short story: I was a senior in high school and decided I wanted an old Land Cruiser. I did not want a project, rather one to slowly learn the...
  4. Advrider639

    Need help: Differential Comparison (stamps & markings on internals)

    Old: Casing ID: 4111-60011 Ring Gear: 9x37 078 3 7 Ring Gear teeth: 37 Pinion Teeth: 9 Inner housing: 25 Clamps?: C7 & C10 New: Casing ID: 4111-60011 Ring Gear: 9x37 74 1 25 S2 72 Ring Gear teeth: 37 Pinion teeth: 9 Inner housing: 37 Clamps: C19 & C13 I don't understand the different stamps...
  5. Advrider639

    SOLD  Fj40 Brake Line Junction

    I need one of these please:
  6. Advrider639

    For Sale  Atlanta GA- FJ40/60/80 MASSIVE WAREHOUSE PARTS SALE!!!!!!!

    Massive parts stash in Norcross, Georgia. I am working with the owner who wants to sell it all off! See photos below for just a general idea. There is a ton of stuff, the pictures do not do it justice. He got all of this from a Landcruiser shop years ago that went out of business...
  7. Advrider639

    Atlanta, Ga Parts Swop/meet up - September 26.

    Just wanted to let you know of a bunch of FJ40 guys getting together for a meet-up & parts swap. It is set for Saturday September 26th at the parking lot of our warehouse in Norcross, Ga. I hope you can make it. There will be several guys and their rigs that were at the last meeting back in...
  8. Advrider639

    Wanted  FJ40 Rear Axle Dust Shield & Gasket?

    Pretty sure this is a dust shield. It is held on to be inside face of the axle shaft by the lug studs. Item 2 on SOR image. Item 3 is the gasket. I will buy from SOR if I need to, but wanted to check here first. Thank you!
  9. Advrider639

    Rear axle pitting - housing & axle shafts

    I am redoing my rear brakes and seals.... thinking strongly about a disc brake conversion. But regardless of what goes back, I am slightly concerned about the amount of pitting. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.
  10. Advrider639

    How often does someone use your jump seats?

    I am on the fence on putting mine back in the truck.... I have gotten very use to being able to reach in through the sides (soft top) for items in the back. I have had passengers back there only a few times. Theres really no easy way in/out.
  11. Advrider639

    For Sale  FJ40- 3speed, vacuum T case parts, steering box & center arm (Atlanta GA)

    Local pick up only. If my prices are dumb, just let me know.. I really have no clue whats fair. (pictures soon) -3 Speed transmission $50 -Vaccum T case parts (not very knowledgeable on these...) $60 -Steering Box and arm $50 -Center arm and box $40
  12. Advrider639

    For Sale  FJ40 Misc Parts - some rare & hard to find!

    Ive got some small parts left over and I need some cash! -12v ammeter $60 -Oil Pressure gauge NOS in the box! $80 -Wipe/Wash switch, Brand new $40 -Fan rear/Fan front switches... Awesome shape. Very rare. $170 -Jack rod holders $30 -Gas door & City racer lock $40 -Steering wheel pads, one red...
  13. Advrider639

    Trollhole Carb Issues - Hart Hot Start & Acceleration Troubles

    Good afternoon- First and foremost, Marshall has been very helpful in trouble shooting. He has even offered to look the carb over, which I do plan on sending it in to him, but before I do that I want to give this one more shot in house. General Information: -2F engine with Headers -No vacuum...
  14. Advrider639

    Wanted  FJ40 2F Carb Cooling Fan

    I am tired of my hot start problems. I think a carb cooling fan will help. I need everything..... Thanks!
  15. Advrider639

    Rear differential flange wear

    I’m replacing what I thought just to be a leaky rear pinion seal, but after popping the flange off, I think I’ve got other issues than just the seal. See below: Besides replacing the flange, is there anything else I should check? Is this a result of poor installation in the past? Pitting just...
  16. Advrider639

    For Sale  (GA) MUDSTAR! .... 32x11.5R15

    Ive got 4 Mustar Radial M/T 32x11.5r15. Around 200-300 miles on em. I originally put these on just so my truck could roll, I am now ready to put KM3's on. They are still mounted, so It would take me a few days to get them off. $400.
  17. Advrider639

    For Sale  FJ40 Parts - Atlanta GA

    Shipping is extra, Ill take paypal (F&F or buyer accounts for any fees), cash, or trades! Please make offers, I understand some of my prices might be out of line... I just pulled some out of thin air! I am using 100% of the proceeds to purchase new KM3's and a 4Plus swing out. Things I am...
  18. Advrider639

    Wanted  Atlanta GA: 4Plus swing out rear tire&cooler carrier. (Fj40)

    Probably a long shot, but before I order a new one and have it shipped I figure I should try. I prefer tire to be on drivers side. I would be willing to pick up with in 4-5 hours of Atlanta.
  19. Advrider639

    ‘80 an older window felt runs in ‘77

    What is the part number for the flexible window runs for the top of the doors? The will work in my doors, correct? I am about to throw my s*** out the window... these chrome runs are ridiculous. I have to be doing something wrong....
  20. Advrider639

    Wiper linkage bushing - Replace or upgrade?

    I have searched up and down for some answers, but I have come up short in the 40 section. Plenty of talk about this topic in the 60 series area, but doesn't translate to my situation. I am putting my wiper linkage back in and the plastic bushing for the motor is cracked, so once the motor...
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