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  1. LandCruncher80

    For Sale Lx450 fzj80 Fj80 oak leathe door panel

    Hi... Willing to sell just the driver's side REAR door card?
  2. LandCruncher80

    Dual battery kit

    Hi Mud... Has anyone installed the redarc kit on their 80 series? If yes, is the kit a compete turnkey kit and no other parts are required? Interested if anyone can share their experience with the redarc kit on an 80 series. Thanks all in advance for any input or advice you may have on...
  3. LandCruncher80

    Parting Out New Mexico 96 LX450 locked

    Driver's side fender available?
  4. LandCruncher80

    For Sale Lx450 fzj80 Fj80 oak leathe door panel

    Still available?
  5. LandCruncher80

    Great Orange County. CA Mechanic

    Not trying not hijack this thread... If anyone has a recommended welding shop (bumper/frame work) in Orange County, LA area, please share POC/shop info. Much thanks MUD!
  6. LandCruncher80

    LANDTANK rear bolt on tire carrier

    Bump... Any updates? Thanks Landtank.
  7. LandCruncher80

    LANDTANK rear bolt on tire carrier

    Rick... Any updates? Much thanks!
  8. LandCruncher80

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    Toyo Open Country A/T II 305 / 70 / 17 on FJ Cruiser Rims Stock height for now - Icon Stage I lift planned.
  9. LandCruncher80

    LANDTANK rear bolt on tire carrier

    Interested as well.
  10. LandCruncher80

    LANDTANK GEN-IV MAF is finally ready

    So... Is this a recommended upgrade for those with a TRD supercharger? Are there two versions out there? One offered by @NLXTCY and one offered by @landtank? Interested... Just need to know who to purchase from for a supercharger application. Thanks.
  11. LandCruncher80

    Builds BoltRipper's 2-year Overdue Build Thread

    Awsome build Boltripper. Saw your rig posted in eBay in DEC. Still available for sale?
  12. LandCruncher80

    For Sale FJ80 engine and underhood parts

    Hi Paul... Cost for engine knock sensor for 97 LC shipped to 92111 ?
  13. LandCruncher80

    For Sale Genuine Toyota 91-97 Series Window Runs Set

    Interested. Total Cost for all 4 window runs with shipping to 92602? Thanks.
  14. LandCruncher80

    I need a front bumper

    I really like my Ironman Deluxe Commercial which comes with the built in fog lights and LED turn signal/parking lights (amber/white).
  15. LandCruncher80

    Merry Christmas! Free 80 Series Trim Gasket Set

    498... Thanks and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  16. LandCruncher80

    For Sale  [SoCal - Irvine] FZJ 80 Front & Rear Sway Bars, Tow Hitch, Stock spare tire carrier

    For sale from a 1997 Landcruiser: Complete set (with frame mounting brackets) front and rear sway bars - $50 each. Local pick-up only. Note: Left side of pic shows a shadow from the sun underneath the front & rear sway bars. Also available for sale (from a 1997 LC) - will post pics later...
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