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  1. dodored

    LED Headlight Conversion on the CHEAP

    Hello All Wanted to post a trick I figured out working on hotrods that will work on the beloved Yotas. You can purchase on Ebay halogen conversion headlights that use an H4 lamp. They are only about $40 a pair shipped to your door, and are made of glass.
  2. dodored

    Camper Top for Standard Cab Conversion

    I recently had an interest in putting a camper top on my 1988 4x4 standard cab. I have collected some photos of different truck with the toppers on and thought that it would be cool to have one with a camper shell, considering I have another full size pickup to haul bigger stuff i. I started...
  3. dodored

    Moon roof delete project

    My new acquisition is a 1988 Pickup 4WD that was very solid but worn out. Going through the list of problems I studied how to get rid of a moon roof that was 20 years past its 5 year life span and was a huge source of water ingress and the start of something we all hate - other than mud - RUST...
  4. dodored

    For Sale  Charlotte NC Toyota Pickup Front Axle SOLD

    Sold my FJ40 so out goes all the parts i have been hoarding for the last year. This is a 1986 Toyota pickup truck front axle complete with ASCO locking hubs, calipers, rotors, birfields and the works. Perfect for your early FJ40 disc brake conversion. Selling for $375 plus shipping from...
  5. dodored

    For Sale  SOLD SOLD SOLD 1972 FJ40 Colorado Truck Unmolested

    Need to sell my FJ40 - unfortunately. This 1972 model built in July. I bought it last year and have been in the process of getting all the bugs out of it. It runs good and really doesn't need anything at this point. Here is the list of things that have been done: Brand New OME leaf...
  6. dodored

    Mystery Vacuum Port - What is it?

    I am working on a 1972 FJ40 and found a vacuum switch on the intake manifold but have no clue as to what is does. Can anyone help identify this part? Also, if the Aisan carburetor is such a good choice for the FJ40s why are there so many that have been changed out? Why, back in the day, would...
  7. dodored

    Wanted  Aisan Carb Throttle Cable Hold Down Bracket

    Hello guys, Needing a few miscellaneous parts for my carburetor rebuild on my 1972 FJ40 to the original spec Aisan carb. Need the bent bracket and bolt that the throttle cable end bolts to (see photo) a couple of phillips head screws that hold the top of the carb on to the body, and the bent...
  8. dodored

    Wanted  Willing buyer seeks compatible Carb for 1972 FJ40

    Looking for a Aisin carburetor or a non-chinese equivalent carburetor. Currently running a Rochester 2G with drive-ability issues, so need some help. Thanks All.
  9. dodored

    FJ Cruiser visual upgrade

    Just bought a 2007 FJ and found that the stock aluminum wheels had the chrome peeling off of them due to corrosion. I looked at getting TRD wheels off a Tacoma, but found that the price and offset differences made them unattractive to me. So I decided to sandblast the chrome off the wheels and...
  10. dodored

    SOLD  OEM rear step for FJ40 1972

    Looking for original bolt on rear step for my 1972 FJ40. Let me know what you have and shipping to 28027. Thanks Curt
  11. dodored

    For Sale  Amber side reflector / Charlotte NC

    Amber side reflector for hood side. I only have one and has angle base gasket. $25 + shipping
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