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  1. OregonLC

    Portland / Bend 200 Roll Call !

    Stand up and be known! Let’s show those Seattle rascals how it’s done! Trail runs? Brews? Shenanigans? This is the meeting post. Show me whatcha got.
  2. OregonLC

    Value in a part number/image thread?

    Wondering if there would be interest in a thread dedicated to part numbers and images? Some parts are easy to identify on a diagram. Others are buggers (diagram or description not clear). And sometimes you just may want to see what something looks like that is being discussed. My thought...
  3. OregonLC

    Real world 200 fuel tier data?

    We’re set up with a corporate fuel program that is part of the Pacific Pride network, however I rarely use it because I’ve been sold on the benefits of the ‘top tier’ branding. I would rather use Pac Pride though, not so much for cost as for convenience; Oregon is one of the few holdouts that...
  4. OregonLC

    200: ‘Strongest Vehicle We’ve Ever Made’

    Scott Brady speaking on what Toyota said to him when picking up a 70. From OJ Podcast episode 4. Worth listening. And not to slam the Taco, but I feel his comments on current gen were spot on.
  5. OregonLC

    SOLD  Free 200 Trail Spares

    'Sold'. Well, maybe not trail spares, but free spares. You pay shipping. Both were functional when removed from 2013 Land Cruiser with 134k on them. Starter. This would be a potential cost savings replacement if someone wanted to replace the solenoid only. As I understand it, the solenoid...
  6. OregonLC

    200 Alternator MTBF?

    What is considered the useful life of the 200 alternator? I'm at 134k and will have the front end opened up (radiator and hoses out) for a water pump job. Alternators aren't cheap (~ $300) but they're a bugger to replace without tearing the front back apart. Just wondering if I'd be ahead by...
  7. OregonLC

    Starter on Sale

    Been planning to proactively replace my starter this winter. OE had been running ~$340 online. Found them at Boch tonight for $166.55 (68% off). And I believe this is the current part number... 28100-0S050. I picked it up along with another $800 of maintenance items (water pump, belt...
  8. OregonLC

    What's going on with my SPC UCA Bushings?

    Been noticing that she hasn't been tracking straight. Images are PS, but DS is similar. Looks as if I've lost the entire front shoulder of the busing and the UCA has slid forward. The top pic is the forward PS bushing. You can see the arm is up against the washer and the tapered end has slid...
  9. OregonLC

    Gullwing Windows?

    Anyone make/import for the 200? Something like what @LandCruiserPhil has for the 80... Gullwing Windows - Land Cruiser Products - LCP
  10. OregonLC

    For Sale  FB: Built 2013 LC 59k Miles

    No affiliation. Well, looks like you can't post FB links. ;-( Go to Toyota Land Cruiser Marketplace on FB. Looks like a nice build.
  11. OregonLC

    Most important thread of the day

    What are you guys doing for Christmas lights on your rack? I have a spare 12v circuit and would rather use that than 120v off the inverter. Just curious if anyone found a good brand.
  12. OregonLC

    Airbag Recall Requires Two Appointments???

    Got the notice in the mail, made the appointment at the dealer. Gave them the VIN at time of appointment. Go in today and wait for an hour only to have them come back and say that Toyota doesn't allow them to order the parts until they actually see the vehicle and verify the VIN. They say...
  13. OregonLC

    For Sale  2013 Land Cruiser - Nicely Built- Portland, OR

    UPDATE ***** Taking truck off the market. Was going to buy a Tundra or Power Wagon Or Power Wagon, but Mrs. OregonLC test drove a Suburban and so now we’re going that route. Happy wife happy life, right? Thanks all for the interest. Look for a 2004 LX in the classified shortly. Mods please...
  14. OregonLC

    Wanted  WTB Clean Tundra PDX

    Looking for a daily driver/spare truck. The ideal vehicle would have (not necessarily hard criteria). 75,000 miles or less $25,000 or less One owner, completely maintained. Unmolested condition (no mods). Light color (no black). Either first or second gen is fine Must be crewmax or...
  15. OregonLC

    Icon Progressive Springs vs OME 2724: effective lift height?

    I'm running the Icon Progressives and really like the ride quality (also running 2.5 RR CDCV), but the ride height is a bit low with my weight. I'm 3,700 lbs front and 4,400 lbs rear. I'm trying to compare the Icon's against the OME's, however IVD doesn't publish a spring rate for their...
  16. OregonLC

    Front Pax Seat Organizer?

    Looking for ideas to help organize the mound of stuff that ends up on the passenger seat and footwell... snacks, maps, DSLR, gloves, etc. Thinking of something like this, but wondering if there isn't something better out there...
  17. OregonLC

    SOLD  Sold! 150lf 3/8" Synthetic Winch Line - New In Box - $150

    Bought this a year or so ago with the intention of building some which line extension, but I'm now running 7/16 with my 12.5 ton winch. $150 + shipping Con US. $1/ft is a great deal for winch line!
  18. OregonLC

    1475mm Love

    Somewhere there was a post of fitting the Alu-Cab to a FrontRunner rack. The trouble is how the Alu-Cab attaches at the side rather than in the middle. My solution was to swap out the 1255mm slats and front/rear combination pieces with 1475mm versions. It’s the perfect width for this...
  19. OregonLC

    For Sale  OzTent RV-4 w/Rainfly | New | $729 | Portland | Local Pickup Only

    Nice tent, just decided it's not for me. OZTent RV-4 | New in Box w/Rainfly
  20. OregonLC

    Start Signal Pickup?

    Working on Dual Batt setup with ML-ACR. Looking for a good location to pickup the starter signal. Who's done it that can point me to a good spot?
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