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  1. Fourrunner

    SOLD  SLC Utah: LX450 and FJ80 wheels

    Set 1: Set of 5 FJ80 wheels. Great shape for wheels that are nearly 30 years old. Set includes 4 center caps. Dont know about the tires. Might need replaced. $150 obo. Set 2: Set of 5 lx450 wheels. Need cleaned up. $125 obo.
  2. Fourrunner

    For Sale  SLC UT: Warn 9.5ti Winch

    Warn 9.5ti winch that has been completely rebuilt with new bearings, seals, and freshly packed grease. Comes with a fairlead, controller and a new wire cable. Will ship at buyers expense. $750 obo.
  3. Fourrunner

    SOLD  UT - Completely rebuilt 8274

    I have a 8274 completely rebuilt with a new motor, new wiring throughout (between motor and solenoid pack and between the solenoids), new solenoid cover, powder coated upper, lower housing and drum support, new decals, new hardware throughout, new drum support end cap, and new brake maintenance...
  4. Fourrunner

    AC Compressor Question

    I had some noises coming from my AC compressor and found that the nose of the compressor is damaged (bearing looks like it was spinning on the nose of the compressor housing). Any thoughts/experience on aftermarket replacements or should i look for a used one or bite the bullet and buy a new...
  5. Fourrunner

    Real Time Help - Single Tire Replacement

    I've got a tire (bfg ko2) with a bolt in it. Tire shop says they may need to replace all 4. The other three have lots of tread left. Is that necessary?
  6. Fourrunner

    SOLD  Warn 8274 - Fully Rebuilt - SLC, Utah

    For sale is a beautiful 8274 winch with an amazing patina. It is in incredible condition inside. It looks like it has seen very little use. It has all new seals throughout as well as a brake rebuild kit. It has new electrical cables from the solenoid box to the motor as well as a new solenoid...
  7. Fourrunner

    UZJ100 Battery, Alternator and Ground Cable Kits - "Big Three Cable Kit"

    All cables are constructed from either 1/0 or 4 AWG tinned wire (marine wire). Wire is very flexible and jacket is resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, and excellent abrasion resistance. Joints are sealed using mil spec heavy duty adhesive lined heat shrink to prevent corrosion. Big Three -...
  8. Fourrunner

    Wanted  Fzj80 Full Float Rear Axle Backing Plates

    Looking for a set of backing plates for a 93 full float axle. Anyone have a spare parts axle with some?
  9. Fourrunner

    First Gen Tacoma Battery Cable Kit

    The kit costs $138.00 shipped (within US). International shipping is available. The kit includes 5 cables and battery terminal connectors. This kit fits 1994-2004 First Gen Tacoma with the 22re engine. I am working on instructions and will add additional pics when available. Kit includes...
  10. Fourrunner

    Wanted  FJ80 Grey Front Center Console

    Looking for a grey front (around the shifters) console in good condition. Let me know what you have.
  11. Fourrunner

    For Sale  Warn 8274 - Fully Rebuilt - SLC, Utah

    For sale is a beautiful 8274 winch with an amazing patina. I am in the process of totally rebuilding this 8274 winch and want to see if there is anyone interested before I paint it (leave it as is, rebuilt internals of course). I have taken it apart in preparation of painting. It is in...
  12. Fourrunner

    MUDShip  Palm Springs to Salt Lake City

    Anyone coming up this way? If so, contact me.
  13. Fourrunner

    For Sale  Warn 8274 - Fully Rebuilt - SLC, UT

    Totally rebuilt 8274 winch. New seals and bearings throughout as well as new winch cable. Cleaned, bead blasted, and repainted. New labels, electrical cables/covers, and solenoid cover. This is one of the older all metal models and is in perfect operational condition. $1,000 + Shipping
  14. Fourrunner

    Warn 8274 Electrical Cable Set

    Cable set will include the three cables that go from the solenoid box to the motor. Cables are marine grade tinned cable with crimped tinned ring terminals. New boots to cover the post on the motor are included. Cost is $33 shipped. I can also provide cables that run from the winch to the...
  15. Fourrunner

    Wanted  FJ/FZJ80 Fuel Gauge Sending Unit

    Looking for a fuel gauge sending unit for my 1991 FJ80. I am pretty sure the FZJ and FJ are the same. Let me know what you got.
  16. Fourrunner

    Wanted  Fzj80 Lug Nuts

    Looking for a complete set of lug nuts for my 96 fzj80. Anyone have them laying around they want to get rid of?
  17. Fourrunner

    For Sale  FJ/FZJ80 Rear Hitch (Utah)

    Pulled the aftermarket hitch off my 1991. Will ship at buyers expensive. $50
  18. Fourrunner

    RTH - Knuckle Rebuild Question

    I am rebuilding my fj80 front axle knuckles and cannot remember which direction this part goes (protrusion/ridge). Does the ridge go toward the knuckle or differential?
  19. Fourrunner

    Wanted  Thick Drive Flange

    Looking for a thick/tall drive flange for my fzj80. Let me know what you got and how much.
  20. Fourrunner

    FJ80 Alternator Issues

    I am in the process of replacing an engine in a 1991 FJ80. My replacement engine came with a factory alternator. I would like to use it if possible (I know it has low miles). The truck's wiring harness has an adapter plug that will fit the old alternator, but won't fit the new alternator. I...
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