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  1. BowtieFarmer

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I painted mine and have started reassembling it. The paint turned out a bit lighter than I thought it would but it’s not a big deal.
  2. BowtieFarmer

    FJ40 seat re-trimming and Father's day give away

    Great channel with great info. I can already hear the intro music in my head!
  3. BowtieFarmer

    Where to buy Cadet Blue (or similar) paint?

    Thank you!
  4. BowtieFarmer

    Where to buy Cadet Blue (or similar) paint?

    I’ve combed the forms but with no luck. I’m trying to paint my 40, Cadet Blue or as similar as possible. Does anyone know the paint code that is similar for PPG or another easy to find company? The original paint code was Toyota T449. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  5. BowtieFarmer

    Where to buy quarter panel?

    Awesome! Thank you very much!
  6. BowtieFarmer

    Where to buy quarter panel?

    A PO crumpled the back quarter panel on my ‘71, to the point the hard top won’t lay flush on the railing. I’ve got an extra passenger side railing laying around that I’ll weld in but where do y’all recommend buying a quarter panel? As you can see, I really don’t need the whole panel just the...
  7. BowtieFarmer

    Builds Cruiser Gear Legend Giveaway - FJ40 Restomod

    I bought a shirt today. One the shirt looks great but two, I figured if I don’t enter I can’t win. It’s real nice of y’all to fix this cruiser up for me. Can’t wait for the phone call in a few weeks lol!
  8. BowtieFarmer

    Finished product..

    Beautiful truck! I saw it posted on Instagram earlier today. I wish mine looked as good as yours.
  9. BowtieFarmer

    Builds Project Wrongway

    Grow that hair!
  10. BowtieFarmer

    '71 Speedo Cable Question

    Nope I haven't. I figured buying a new speedometer couldn't hurt
  11. BowtieFarmer

    '71 Speedo Cable Question

    Thank you! This one has the 2 piece. I don't know when in 71 it was built though.
  12. BowtieFarmer

    '71 Speedo Cable Question

    I have a '71 with the two piece speedo cable but it doesn't seem to work anymore. If I bought a one piece, would that work? Thanks for any help. I've combed the forum without much luck.
  13. BowtieFarmer

    FJ40 speedo cable

    I have a '71 with the two piece speedometer. Would a one piece cable work?
  14. BowtieFarmer

    Builds Lynchburg Lemonade, matzell's STW

    I love the name of your rig! I'm from Lynchburg, born and raised.
  15. BowtieFarmer

    Set up guages

    I am looking for information on how to set up my guages but have been failing with the search function. Any direction would be much appreciated. I have a '71 FJ40 that has a Chevy 305 put in by a PO. None of my guages work currently and I need to figure out how to get them set-up. Thanks!
  16. BowtieFarmer

    Builds Project Wrongway

    I love these videos! Btw what tires did you put on your rig? I'm ignoring my 40's mechanical issues to focus on sweet sweet aesthetics
  17. BowtieFarmer

    Fuel Leak Help

    Here is a picture of the fuel line underneath the passenger floor/inside of the door sill.
  18. BowtieFarmer

    Fuel Leak Help

    I've recently (finally) gotten into the Cruiser world with a 1971 FJ40. I've driven it and had no fuel or engine issues but had never filled the gas tank all the way up. So last week, I filled it up by hand using jerry cans. When it was almost full, I noticed fuel dripping out from under the...
  19. BowtieFarmer

    FJ40 DIY Front floor mat

    Go to Southern States or a local Feed & Seed if available. Tractor Supply is overpriced for most actual farming products. It def caters to the backyard homestead crowd and has higher prices.
  20. BowtieFarmer

    Builds Project Wrongway

    I stumbled across this about a month ago and have been checking a couple times per week to see if there are any new episodes. Keep them rolling! The dude is legit hilarious.
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