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    17" vs 20" Wheels

    Need some advice on the wheel size and tires. Getting ready my 2013 Sequoia for some expedition trips. Mostly back roads, fire roads, washed out roads, snow and some rocks may be.. but definitely not something too technical trails. I have small lift done on it and now its time to get some 33"...
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    1943 bantam trailer axle, wheels for free

    further details in cl
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    Roof top tent - DIY - Scratch build

    Decided to do my own roof top tent from scratch. Collected ideas from various posts around and little more thought process and started with this build. Thanks for those who shared their build which helps me with this build. I am going work not more then 5 to 6 hrs per week. so this is going to...
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    Off Road / Camping Trailer - Home Build

    Like others me too got inspired by seeing various trailer builds happening in this forum and i decided to build one for me mainly for camping purpose. I found one utility trailer on CL and i am picking it up this Sunday and will bring it home. The parts i am going to use from this utility...
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