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  1. Orange76Cruiser

    76 Project Update Items To Do List:

    There are some things I knew I needed to get fixed and a few that I didn't. The following is my tentative list and the order I intend to work on it. Note that some of the things higher on the list may not be as important but are things I can get done by myself in a weekend and cold weather...
  2. Orange76Cruiser

    Heater and Defroster questions.

    This is another case of I don't remember as much as I thought I did. The vent control has 3 words on the selection, but I only have 2 actual settings. I knew that the defrost vents didn't seem to get any air when I bought the Cruiser a couple of months ago. The 3 setting for the air select are...
  3. Orange76Cruiser

    76 Cruiser, 2 questions-Exhaust Routing and Factory Manuals

    I'm going to get new exhaust system Friday. The current system ends underneath the drivers compartment pretty far in front of the drivers rear tire. I'm not trying to replicate all of the components but is there someplace I can get a layout of how my model year originally ran? The shop I took...
  4. Orange76Cruiser

    Entire new side mirror assemblies or just replace the mirror head?

    I have what I think are original style round mirrors that attach to the upper door hinge mounts on both driver and passenger doors. The view field on them is rather limited and they don’t stay adjusted for very long. But reading online I’ve seen that you can replace the mirror heads themselves...
  5. Orange76Cruiser

    New Poster, not new to FJ40's

    I bought my first FJ40 in 1976, it was a 67 soft top. I owned 2 more through the 70's and early 80's, until I bought my 3rd in the late 80's and for the first time actually did a rebuild. Somewhere I have pictures of that rebuild. I just bought my 4th one, after many, many years: A 1976 cruiser...
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