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  1. Cromagnon

    WTB Upper and lower dash pads for 1972 fj40

    I have the upper and three piece lower from and absolutely love the fit and look of them. They also have the two piece lower. As stated in numerous posts there is a logo that is part of the manufacturing process in the upper pad that some take issue with. After a few minutes driving...
  2. Cromagnon

    For Sale 2f Headers

    Is this sold? I''m interested.
  3. Cromagnon

    For Sale Parts stash - pending sale

    Price for the dented side cover? Thanks.
  4. Cromagnon

    For Sale Dented Side Cover

    Has this been sold? Thanks.
  5. Cromagnon

    For Sale 4+ TBI adapter, 2F Air Cleaner

  6. Cromagnon

    For Sale 4+ TBI adapter, 2F Air Cleaner

    I know its an ancient you have the 4+ adapter? Thanks, Joe
  7. Cromagnon

    Parting Out 1977 fj40 barnfind parts in MD

    I'm interested in the windshield frame, if it is still available.
  8. Cromagnon

    75-83 fj40 wiper arms $25/pr obo

    75-83 FJ40 Wiper Arms I know this is an ancient thread but are they still available? Thanks Joe
  9. Cromagnon

    SoCal - 1976 FJ40 Hard top sides and lift gate

    Liftgate Can you ship the liftgate to 80917? Please send the shipping costs. Thanks.
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