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  1. lunyou

    Front fenders

    For a 40? I have a good set for free in Cuba, MO(I know it isn't the kc area but free is free). They were given to me by a member who was relocating and didn't want to trash them.
  2. lunyou

    fj45 near st. louis no affiliation

    Guys I've been all over this truck for another member of the board i also posted some pictures in the STL - gateway cruisers clubhouse. Let me say this. The truck is a 2F implanted HJ45. The only two things this truck has going for it are the frame and the seats. The floorboards, hardtop...
  3. lunyou

    So who's Girlfriend was in Cuba, MO today?

    The wife was in the passenger seat couldn't hit on her without getting th backhand. I felt really bad as I was leaving it seemed she had a couple tears in her eyes. I hope it was from the wind and not me.
  4. lunyou

    So who's Girlfriend was in Cuba, MO today?

    My neighbors called me about a strange to the area girl stopping to take pictures of my truck(s), while walking her dog. I ended up finding her a couple blocks away. I was polite, at least I thought I was, in asking why she was taking pictures. She explain her boyfriend lives in Witchita and...
  5. lunyou

    Part interchangeability

    I bet he got a huge response and people saying "ill give you $xxx for that widget" decided he wasn't sitting on a Jeep part lot, but actual hard to find parts.
  6. lunyou

    Part interchangeability

    You have PM.
  7. lunyou

    Part interchangeability

    If you win that auction I could be interested in the hardtop if you want to offload it cheap. Eta: and the amby doors. Good luck
  8. lunyou

    Master Clutch Cylinder - Flat Nasty?

    Anyone coming to flat nasty happen to have an extra Master Clutch cylinder for a 68 Fj40 that works? I think I need a new one and if anyone coming to Flat Nasty happens to have one that would be awesome. If so how much you want for it? lunyou
  9. lunyou

    Parts Needed

    I have found if you don't know the name for something in their catalog.....just type in a general system like.......steering will typically get you to a diagram that you can see all the parts on. And typically they have clickable links built into the numbers that designate...
  10. lunyou

    I need a trailer

    not that I have anything constructive to add....I must say I think this is what makes cruiserheads one of the best groups to be a part of. lunyou
  11. lunyou

    Need some hard half doors..

    Anyone local have some hard half doors they want to get rid of? They need to be able to fit a '63. Let me know. lunyou
  12. lunyou

    Another FJ60 for sale

    Brian you have PM, but not about the truck though. lunyou
  13. lunyou

    Another FJ60 for sale

    I have the tranny for it if somone buys the truck. lunyou
  14. lunyou

    Anyone need 60 parts?

    Guys I am parting my chop top 60 aswell as my blue FJ60. I am going back home tommorrow to remove anything that will come off without much trouble and will fit in the trunk of my car. If you need anything check out my thread in the Parting out section and let me know.....I sneakily(new word?)...
  15. lunyou

    Anyone need parts? 73 FJ40

    Hey I might be interested in the top if it isn't too expensive. can't come pull it myself but really need one. lunyou
  16. lunyou

    Everyone Alive?

    What kind of engineer is he? We get some doozie weather. It can be super nice and then super terrible. But it always seems we have extreme weather here........during the winter we are colder than the surrounding areas and in the summer we are hotter than the surrounding. I am glad to hear...
  17. lunyou

    Everyone Alive?

    Glad to hear everyone is okay. I thought my apartment was going to get blown over this morning with all the wind but nothing here to speak of. lunyou
  18. lunyou

    Another FJ60 for sale

    hey you still needing a tranny? lunyou
  19. lunyou

    landcruiser in st. louis cheap

    I just called and the owner won't be in until 5..........was going to ask about the top. lunyou
  20. lunyou

    landcruiser in st. louis cheap

    down to 400 now. lunyou
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