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    fj430 feeler

    Fj-40 PLease send pictures to me and info regarding year, motor, brakes, interior condition etc., Please no more than 2-3 pic's at a time as I am still on dialup. Michael 714-235-6814
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    78 FJ40 smog requirements in California

    Anybody know what smog equipment is required in California on a 78 FJ40? Found a 1978 FJ40 out of state. It does not have smog pump or catalytic converter. Are they required? Supposed to be a stock 2f motor. Thanks for help! Michael :)
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    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    I'd like to come look at your FJ40. I live in Orange, Ca, so I'm not too far away. Michael 714-235-6814
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