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  1. Renaud33

    Black Hills Cruiser Classic

    Anyone going??
  2. Renaud33

    Toys 4 Tots this weekend

    I am sure some you know that this weekend is Toys 4 Tots at Dans. I am plan on being there even if it is to drop off a toy and puts around some in my newer 4Runner. Info is on MIOBI's website.
  3. Renaud33

    Tundra Coils WANTED

    I know it is a long shot, but I am looking for a set of TRD coils from a 2000-2006 Tundra. They need to be TRD coils and they need to have the yellow-yellow and yellow-blue colors stamped on them. Anyone?
  4. Renaud33

    84' Toyota 4x4 Ex. cab SR5 parts

    Parting out an 84' Toyota 4x4 SR5. Parts already gone..... Front axle Wheels and tires Engine Power steering setup (still have box) Front grill, headlight bezel, corner lights, etc. Doors might be sold Let me know what your looking for. Parts will be shipped from zip code 50315
  5. Renaud33

    EFI for sale at GATOR

    Does anyone know who it was that was selling an EFI kit for the 22R at GATOR? Chris talked to him briefly when he rolled through one time and then we never made it over talk to him. I believe he had an 80 series and was back where Tony and Brent were camping. Any help would be great.
  6. Renaud33

    Anyone need Mudship from CR to DM?

    I am will be heading through CR either Sunday night or Monday morning with an empty trailer. If you need something transported from CR to Des Moines let me know. Would be best to post up or PM me. ;)
  7. Renaud33

    Parting out 82' 4x4 truck

    I am parting out an 82' truck. I also have several other parts for 79' to 89' trucks/4Runners. This includes engines, axles, trannys, t-cases, leaf springs, interior parts, and much more. Post up what you looking for. thanks, Kurt
  8. Renaud33

    Rims & tires for sale

    2 - 245/75R16 Michelin XPS rib tires with 6/32 tread remaining. Load range E. $50 for both or offer. 4 - Chevy/Toyota 16x7 steel rims. $50 for the set 4 - Toyota Tacoma alloy rims with 31x10.5R15 Michelin A/T tires. Not sure on the tread and how many miles. Rims are in good shape...
  9. Renaud33

    Toyota bags

    Anyone want to take a box of plastic Toyota bags off my hands. There are probably 50 or more, they are red with Toyota logo and stripes, and they have handles. They are extras from an event I organized a few years ago. Oh and there is a nice big stack of Marlin Crawler stickers to go with...
  10. Renaud33

    Where are the BHCC pictures?

    I haven't seen anyone post pictures from the Black Hills Cruiser Classic. Does anyone have pictures to share?
  11. Renaud33

    Unused tents for the homeless

    I know there are a lot of people in need right now and it is easy to forget the homeless. There was a segment on WHO TV regarding the homeless in Des Moines near the rivers loosing everything. A former homeless indivual has set up an organization to help the homeless. What they need more then...
  12. Renaud33

    Black Hills wheeling July 1-7

    I will be out in the Black Hills on these dates. Looking for some guys to wheel with. Hopefully some of the local Dakota Territory Cruiser guys will step up and go a few days. Anyone else going to be in the area and up for hitting the trails?
  13. Renaud33

    MO wheeling 9/29 to 10/4

    hey guys, I am planning on hitting the Tornado Alley Cruisers event at Flat Nasty Oct. 2-4. Looking to do a few days of wheeling at other places in MO prior to the event. I generally prefer the hard core stuff but I am open to doing some not so hard core trails.(say 3/3.5 to 5 ratings) I...
  14. Renaud33

    30 spline Longfield carnage

    I know most guys enjoy seeing busted parts. Back in October when I was at Area 51 my front end made some noise while turning drivers. Shortly after that it began pulling to the drivers side. After getting it back home I did some "test" driving around my area and didn't hear any noises...
  15. Renaud33

    Super Duty T-case Mount - 4xinnovations

    I run Sky's crossmember with dual case and a 4.7 gear in the rear case. After tearing up a transfer case mount and an engine mount I started looking for solutions to eliminate future driveline issues. I replaced my engine mounts and welded chain links to them. I also put a brand new factory...
  16. Renaud33

    Memorial weekend wheeling

    MIOBI is having their Memorial weekend event at Dan's again this year. Price structure has changed. $55 for the weekend for non-members and $25 a day for members & non-members. Anyone interested in going one of the days?? Good chance to get familiar with the trails prior to our event. I...
  17. Renaud33

    Wheeling in NE Iowa May 18th-20th

    This is near the WI border. Wasn't sure how many of you guys saw this.
  18. Renaud33

    Moab & Colorado trip pictures

    Here is a link to my pictures. I know we all like carnage so here is my trip carnage picture from 21 Road in Grand Junction Colorado. Entrance to the Patriot trail in Colorado. Considered the toughest trail in...
  19. Renaud33

    Wheeling in Lansing Iowa May 18th-20th

    I sent an email out a few weeks ago regarding this. I guess you could call this the official invitation.
  20. Renaud33

    Pics from wheeling SE Iowa

    Managed to get out again this weekend. It was snowing when I left Des Moines at 7am Saturday morning, but SE Iowa had no signs of precipitation. Two Yotas and three Jeeps. One Jeep substained carnage(Dana 60 axle stub) while both Yota's wheeled without problems. More...
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