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  1. fj40peru

    Buying one 1971 FJ45 in Cajamarca Perú!

    A month ago I travel tu Cajamarca, on the north center of Peru tu buy this stock FJ45 from 1971, and I drive it 600 miles home just adding gasoline and oil!
  2. fj40peru

    Building the FZJ105 Dakar Assistance - Rent2Race

    hi my friends, here you have the video of the FZJ105 landcruiser we build for the Dakar 2018.
  3. fj40peru

    Como adapto una entrada de audio a la radio original de la serie 100

    Hola amigos, Alguien sabe como adaptarle a la radio casete original una entrada para conectar el celular?
  4. fj40peru

    FZJ405 LandCruiser FZJ105 2000 + FJ40 1962 + FJ45 1975

    Hola muchachos, regreso a el foro después de tiempo, les dejo una imagen de mi último proyecto, la FZJ405, la sumatoria de la parte mecánica de una FZJ105 del 2000, motor, caja, fundas, coronas, ejes, chasis completo, suspensión, con una cabina que resulta de una FJ40 de 1962, que se separa en...
  5. fj40peru

    FZJ105 From Police force to Race Service!

    Hi, this is my LandCruiser FZJ105 After [/url] FZJ105 Cerafina by elgranpapachango, on Flickr[/IMG] Before [/url] FZJ105 Cerafina by elgranpapachango, on Flickr[/IMG] Complete Set link Here!
  6. fj40peru

    First Year - First Month production FJ40?

    Hi my friends, please, I see this list, and it apears thar the production of the FJ40 starts in 1964 this is one of the first? :hhmm: :hhmm: [/url] 100720122468 by Alonso_c, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] 100720122475 by Alonso_c, on Flickr[/IMG]
  7. fj40peru

    My "new" FJ40 1969

    Today I Buy this FJ40 1969... some ideas? Color? roll cage? roof rack? ??? 100420122032 by Alonso_c, on Flickr 100420122029 by Alonso_c, on Flickr 100420122035 by Alonso_c, on Flickr 100420122033 by Alonso_c, on Flickr 100420122042 by Alonso_c, on Flickr Here the...
  8. fj40peru

    FZJ105 Tan - Beige (any pictures?)

    Please, Im going to paint my fzj105 Beige (Tan), any one have some pictures of one LC in that color? THX!
  9. fj40peru

    New Videos - The Racing UZJ60 !!!

    THX for the support DURO 4x4 | Facebook YouTube - Caminos del Inca 2010-El Loco en su Land Cruiser YouTube - Duro 4x4 en Rally Ejército del Perú 2010 YouTube - Duro 4x4 - Rally Ejercito del Peru 2010 - PE1 YouTube - - Caminos del Inca 2010 Super Prime "La Chutana"...
  10. fj40peru

    FZJ105 Police Patrol

    This is my new FZJ105 2000, it serve in the peruvian police for 10 years.
  11. fj40peru

    The Racing UZJ60 - Preparing to the next Race! (Lot of pic)

    Hi, we are preparing the racing UZJ60 for the next race, follow us at the Team Fan Site or see the Photos at this photo album THX !!
  12. fj40peru

    The Racing UZJ60 in car

    Hi, this are 10 minutes of the last race of the truck. It Have the 2uz under the hood... Please Follow us at DURO 4x4 | Facebook YouTube - Rally Presidente de la República 2010 - Duro 4x4 - 5º especial parte I
  13. fj40peru

    FJ80 to FZJ80 3f to 1fz-fe SWAP any one have done it?

    Hi, I buy an 1fz-fe, from a FZJ100 (2003) and Im going to put it in my FJ80, that have an 3F engine inside, any one have made this convertion? I can use the 3f parts to asembly the engine? or not? any good post can help a lot! Im serching and didnt find anything... :doh: THX!
  14. fj40peru

    FJ60 good Roll Cage - Proved

    Here are the photos of the rooll cage that we make for our FJ60, 2 weeks ago, we prove it works! The in car video, that proves it is a good roll cage is in . : D U R O 4 X 4 : . please, help us following the...
  15. fj40peru

    FJ62 Brown with Orange Lines (Need Photo PLEASE!!)

    Hi, Im Looking for the original brown LC with orange n red lines at the sides, to paint my truck, please some one can give me good photos? THX!
  16. fj40peru

    Some good Videos of "Paulina" The Racing FJ60

    Hi My friends, here are some videos of our FJ60, you can find more, and follow us in or Facebook Fan Site that help us a lot! Offroad In Car YouTube - 3ERA. FECHA ESPIRAL : PERSECUCIÓN DURO 4X4 - SOLO 4X4 some sand YouTube - DURO 4x4 PERU AVI Some past videos...
  17. fj40peru

    2uz PART SERCH!! - UZJ80 Proyect

    Hi, Im serching for the Engine Part Number 12101 (complete parts), I have the 2uz but it comes from a TUNDRA, I need the LC Part, because my suspention will hit this area... any one have a place to Buy it? I´m instalind this engine here in Peru, to my FJ80. Engine Arrives next month...
  18. fj40peru

    FJ80 - Chevi 350 engine swap (I Need Help)

    Hello, please help me to find a swap Kit for my FJ80 (1990), this one has the gearbox H150 and I wanted to find a kit that simplifies the work. Chevi 350 is the Engine. Some One can help me with some Links where this detailed information could Find. Obviously I will be posting the...
  19. fj40peru

    Turning to the left turns off my FZJ80 !!!

    Turning to the left turns off my FZJ80 !!! Im whatching this problem for a month, when I turn the steearing wheel to the left, My truck turns off, it is a FZJ80 1994 automatic. any idea? :bang: :bang: :bang: THX!
  20. fj40peru

    Solutions for the 285/70/16 IT DOESNT FIT!!!!

    Hi, a friend of mine have the 100 and he whants to use 285/70/16, he told me that the tires hits the fenders, ahy one have the solution? please!!!!
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