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  1. oldman

    Shift on the fly...

    For years I have locked the hubs at the start of winter and not unlocked them until spring. I regularly shift in and out of 4WD with no problems.
  2. oldman

    Problem: fuesable link?

    There had to be something else in that area, loose/coroded connection etc. A bad fusible link will NOT suddenly be good then bad again.
  3. oldman

    Problem: fuesable link?

    If it was the FL it would be and on or off situation. No way it would have power, then lose power, then later get it back. The fusible link acts just like a fuse. Once blown, it must be replaced. FL is NOT the problem here.
  4. oldman

    Buying a 60, need a mechanical checklist.

    Sounds like a rig I know. I may be able to give you some history on it. Sent you a PM.
  5. oldman

    Moisture inside of a 60

    ???????? I have no idea what you mean by this.
  6. oldman

    getting started...couple questions

    You need the top cover for the tranny with the floor shift. It's a simple bolt on once you have the floorboard taken care of. How long has the rig been sitting? I'd be willing to bet your clutch system has no working seals, therefore no fluid. Sounds like a complete rebuild of the system is...
  7. oldman

    Newbie 350 conversion questions

    I used the AA Ranger overdrive. It made engine alignment very easy. I bought the AA motor mounts but did not use them. I don't know if they have changed over the years, but back in 96 they didn't look strong enough to hold up a 22R let alone a 350. I eneded up using Chevy mounts out of an...
  8. oldman


    Something easy like sliders I would build myself. More fun and you end up with bragging rights.
  9. oldman

    So how many miles can you get out of a full tank of gas on your 60?

    De-smogged 2F with a header and Weber32/36, 38s with 4.88 gears. I was down to about 1/8 of a tank left at the 800 mile mark. I guess the 60 gallon gas tank helped a bit!
  10. oldman

    Homemade cargo barrier?

    If you feel around the sides, by the back seat, near the top, you'll find holes for rear seat shoulder harnesses. These work very well for the top mounting points
  11. oldman

    Question on weber carbs?

    I think 5psi works well with tthe 32/36.
  12. oldman

    it's getting cold again, or: heater woes part 347

    Go down to your local hardware store and buy a container, usually quart size, and pour it straight into the core, no diluting needed. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes the drain and flush. Repeat 2 or 3 times if you're getting lots of gunk out of the core. Flush with clean water before...
  13. oldman

    A cheaper Diesel swap-a-roo??? Your thoughts please.

    Someone, don't remember who, on the List put a Cummins in a 60 about 5 years ago. I don't know/remember how it turned out.
  14. oldman


    Yes, put it in the top heater hose coming off of the firewall.
  15. oldman

    Bushing removal

    Yep, a smoke wrench works very well!
  16. oldman

    350 starter probs

    A heat shield and the remote solenoid worked for me.
  17. oldman

    Mounted CB on Roof

    It can be done without drilling through the roof. I pulled the headliner and cut a piece of plywood to fit from the front, by the mirror, to the roof cross member just behind the front seats. I mounted the CB to that. I put it in in 85 and it's still there today. I also bought some...
  18. oldman

    Power vs. Manual Windows

    Ferrari does it so I guess you could.
  19. oldman

    What fan/radiator with a V8?

    Not for long, it just doesn't cut it.
  20. oldman

    Fuel Tank Options

    As I said in the post above this, build your own.
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