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  1. kcobourn

    Broke rear wiper arm stud sheared - how to fix?

    Bad News: Over-torqued the rear wiper arm not. Sheared the rear wiper bolt while re-indexing the rear wiper arm. Then even managed to scratch up the paint for good measure. Good News(?) The wiper technically works & is stuck on there pretty good. That's because I think the wiper motor's bezel...
  2. kcobourn

    craigslist  Blk 63K 2006 Portland, OR LC - $29K (NOT MINE)

    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Very low Miles Seller's pretty specific about in person & proof of cash before disclosing / driving. For those who prefer 100s over 200s this is a potential diamond IMO.
  3. kcobourn

    Re-hanging rear hatch to correct a rattle

    My LC has a rear hatch - latch rattle due to what seems like a bit of mis-alignment. After trying to just re-position the latch (w/ some angry hammer strokes) it still rattles over undulating surfaces. Unfortunately I don't live in an area with smooth roads so this is a daily annoyance. Has...
  4. kcobourn

    Muffler replacement with stock 4Runner 4.7 unit?

    The OE muffler has a rattle & needs to be swapped out. Is it possible to use a muffler from a 4.7L V8 equipped 4Runner?
  5. kcobourn

    For Sale  2001 built land cruiser overland 35" tires Arb lockers (NOT MINE)

    2001 built land cruiser overland 35 tires Arb lockers Someone get it before it's too late!
  6. kcobourn

    Is this a crankshaft or timing cover leak? Safe to drive?

    I'm stumped can some of the local experts please help the new guy figure what's causing this AND confirm that it's safe to drive with the family on a 500+ mile road trip? I went ahead and wiped down all the surfaces that had oil/sludge + will top off oil to get back to full to see what happens...
  7. kcobourn

    Water leaking into PS a-pillar during rain storms

    Has anyone run into a scenario where you have a water leak that only happens when your car is parked? What did you do to correct it? And did you find any rust if you had to pull out the glass? I've checked the sunroof drains, ran a hose across the windshield / sunroof / roof rack with no luck...
  8. kcobourn

    Rust & city rash question - NYC 06 LC 79K

    Can the community help me decide is this truck a nightmare waiting to happen OR is it a surprising find from the worst place to source cars (Manhattan). A link to 12 total in a Google album -
  9. kcobourn

    Help w/ a 'MudFax' in Hillside NJ

    Hey folks, is anyone able to go checkout a 2006 LC on my behalf today/tomorrow? It's in Hillside NJ. Would greatly appreciate it & happy to pay you a reasonable hourly rate for your time!
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