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    Welder Wiring

    Got my wiring circuits in for the welders this weekend and thought some would like a look. Good exuse to use ma star and get rid of the 'you need to post something' automatic forum notice. First pic is just the receptacle to a welder, the second is a extension cord receptacle whose drop is...
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    2transmissions 1transfer

    Two 4-speeds and one transfer 4 $150, pickup-only. The transmission with the transfercase still mated came out've my late model 75 fj-40, the other came from I think a 76fj-40. The transfercase popped out've low when I was using it, all three items have been sitting...time to be rid of them...
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    Kama Portable Band-saw

    This is the AD 105p, an Italian version of a Porta-band type saw. Thought some may have interest in seeing non-catalog type photo's...
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    Serpentine drive pulley conversion

    I am not up to speed on onboard air pumps such as the York, but looking at this pulley conversion kit it comes with a AC pump, and I would guess it is some newer style pump (harris?). Which again I know nil about, but what do you think about using it for onboard air ? Summit Racing online...
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    Cagle fuel regulator

    $40.00 + 5.00 (ship lower 48) Fuel pressure to carb is regulated via engine vacuum. It restricted gas flow too much for my 406 sbc, maybe the smaller F & 2f motors could reap the benifits. Checks/MO prefered, but Paypal ok. Tlca memebers or silverstar ih8mudders no wait on personal...
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    Leaf lengths

    Current soa: stock 40 leafs, non-shackle reversal, rear's flipped + front's frame mounts moved forward = 96"-97" WB plus or minus. Pondering; Front's pos. side 24" w/ neg. side 24" Rear's pos. side 24" w/ neg. side 26" or Front 26" pos side w/ 24" negative side Rear 26"...
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    Panhard w/ SOA ?

    Planning some changes to current suspension and am considering this, guess along the lines of what Spidertrax offers the Zuki crowd. Opinions?
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    Rethinking 5-speed need.

    So having begun with grandiose plans about swapping out for some sortive overdrive drive-train another thought has popped up (rare event..thoughts). At 2600rpm sounds/feels noisy, but the rig is still essentially a tin can. .. I have a couple oem 4-speeds and one extra transfer case...
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    Alcan leafs

    Thinking about tweaking the SOA this winter to include replacing the stock 40 springs (one is bent alittle). Would like to get some 'reverse' eye soa springs made and likely a little longer than factory #'s as well. Current soa is running the springs flipped and my thought at the time was to...
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    Drive train re-vamp

    Looking for ideas to change out drive train in my 76 fj-40 to get some sort've overdrive. Rig used mostly to go to work 45 round trip miles w/highway travel needed. Would like to use for more weekend offroading when time allows as well. Current: chevy sm/sm-420/4-speed LC transfer case. 65mph...
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    Drill sets

    Looking for a decent drill set (29 piece price range), right now trying to find an online source of a brand called 'Norseman' . Any cruiserheads with a web link or any other recommended brand, not uber expensive, but not Harbor freight either. Thanks
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    Honker bracket/tab

    This is how I made the tabs to attach the Toyota squeaker's to the radiator cradle-will come in handy for the duffasses that might cross the Cruiser's path. Kind've primative, but one way to skin the cat.
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    Radiator Cradle

    Using the materials on hand, built this enlarged copy of the stock radiator cradle. The radiator is 19" x 26", so it would not fit the oem bracket. Hindsight should of had them build it smaller. Anyway here are a couple pics, will get better ones up in the daylight when she is installed.
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    Marker lights

    Say fella's other than the electrical connector are the newer 40 rear marker lights the same as the earlier years? Any other vendors to add to the 'favorites' for this sort've stuff?
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    Wiring Monkey Business

    Not wanting to bogart any of the on going 'electrical' threads, I thought it might be timely to share what I have beens putzing around with: Note: this is with a chevy v-8/ cs-144 (GM type alternator). These shots are about midway through the process, and most of the wiring is still rough...
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    Homemade battery tray

    Putting battery back into engine bay, and made this;
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    anti-hop bar

    I did a search for traction bars and alot of the pics of the home-grown versions were not showing up. So I am wondering if you run a traction bar can you post a pic? I am curious to see how they have evolved. Thanks. Here is my rear one;
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