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  1. MINO

    DIY Land Cruiser Heaven leather - foam padding

    I can’t find any info on the site, google, email to Frank or searching here. The leather kit came with 2 large sheets of 1/2” backed foam padding. Those of you who have this kit, where is this foam intended to go? Armrests? Seat surfaces? Seat backs?
  2. MINO

    No click, No crank, what have I screwed up?

    While working on changing bulbs that had died in the dash, I decided to run the AC (it's been hot). In the car no more than 15 minutes at idle and heard a small "pop" come from the outside (or so I think). One of those noises, so minimal, that the average non-car person wouldn't hear. I think...
  3. MINO

    FullRiver AGM 105AH Battery + Box - Like New. Anaheim, CA. $150obo

    The DC105-12 AGM (Deep Cycle, 12v) came with my new Phoenix Pop-up camper that was picked up in late June 2013 (paid $330 for it). My camper has a solar controller that trickle charges and I've never let the voltage drop below 12.0v, so the battery is very fresh and barely cycled. The DC105...
  4. MINO

    NorCal Spotted: Red 62 (and 45) in the Bay Area -

    I normally don't post sighting threads, but this one was unique. We were heading to Petaluma from Hayward in our 80 and I noticed a 45 a good 1/8 mile ahead. It looked great so I tried to catch up to him. As I did so, I see a red 60 in the center lane. We line up on all 3 lines for a few...
  5. MINO

    For Sale  Landtank MAF, FZJ80 runningboards, springs and roof rack

    Landtank MAF housing and Denso MAF Landtank housing and Denso MAF. Purchased in November of 2011. Used for a few months then removed to pass visual on SMOG and never reinstalled. Gave my Rig to my brother so I no longer need it. $340 shipped. Save almost $60 from new! New costs $397 shipped...
  6. MINO

    For Sale  1996 Locked Land Cruiser, Anaheim Ca

    I am 90% sure I'll be picking up a Tundra this week. If I do, I decided that the 80 will need to find a new home. I'm probably the 8th owner. Prior to my purchase, it looked like it was just a mall cruiser with dubs. Hell, the guy that sold it didn't even know what the locker switch was for...
  7. MINO

    Looking for black or tan Jerry cans...

    Been shopping around online but would prefer to buy them locally in the OC LA area. I'm going to call some military surplus shops but I thought I'd check with you guys if you had any recommendations or good deals. Looking for new water cans. Thanks!
  8. MINO

    For Sale  96 FZJ80 OEM Spring with 210K miles, Anaheim CA

    It is what it is. They have a lot of miles but little to no surface rust. $20 picked up or buyer pays exact shipping cost. Will get pics if needed.
  9. MINO

    Front suspension - springs slant/skewed?

    Yesterday I installed the no-lift OME springs on my rig. Once it was in the air my buddy noticed that there was a slant in the front springs (both with the stock and OME springs). We're not familiar with the nuances of these rigs (since we mainly work on cars). It doesn't look right at all but...
  10. MINO

    For Sale  SoCal: 1996 Land Cruiser Headlights

    Driver's side has a small hole and collateral damage behind it. Looks like the size of a BB pellet - pointed out in red. Passenger side is in good shape. Including the bulbs (even the blue ones the PO decided to put in the high beams:roll eyes:) Asking 100 shipped or 70 Picked up.
  11. MINO

    WTB or WTT 1 LC80 Rim

    Long story short - I have one chrome/polished rim on my 96 LC that was previously hidden as the spare. I would like to buy a regular brushed finished rim to replace it. Year doesn't matter, since my other 4 brushed rims are from a 92 anyway. Trading rim for rim is welcome too. Just need to...
  12. MINO

    For Sale  SOCAL: Used Kenwood KSC-SW1 Subwoofer

    Used for a few months in my 80. Modified the included brackets as pictured to fit the 80. Worked great but I wanted just a touch more bass, so I got a 8" bazooka. Buyer will need to route their own 12v line from the battery, or use the 12v source where the factory sub was getting it's power...
  13. MINO

    Getting rid of previous owner's bling – Custom Grill

    I bought my rig with the unfortunate modifications of a billet grill and 20" chrome rims. I saw this as a plus since it was obvious the previous owners wouldn't take it off-road past a gravel parking lot to get a christmas tree. So, I've dispatched the 20's and got a set of stock rims...
  14. MINO

    For Sale  NEW KSC-SW1 Subwoofer - OC CA

    I originally bought 2 of these from a Hyundai dealer since they were trying to get rid of them. I planned on installing both where the factory sub is on my 80, but I woul'dve lost the cubby. So I decided not to. This is a great addition to add some filling bass, but not ghetto blaster type...
  15. MINO

    Bought an LC with stereo stolen - what's missing here? (pics)

    Thought I'd be able to fix this with just a harness replacement kit but it appears much more is missing than I thought. I have the "rear speaker" harness, but that's only 4 wires. It looks like I've got 11-12 cut wires and the main harness is mostly intact. I also noticed a 2-pin plug that has...
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