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  1. Tinker


    Both running boards and fasteners removed from a new 2016 4Runner Trail with six (6!) miles at the dealer. Toyota PN 51771-35200 & 51772-35200. Will deliver to metro Denver or Colorado Springs for $300 or pick up in Larkspur for $250. Will ship for cost of freight + packaging. Best to email...
  2. Tinker

    For Sale  (5) Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 265/70R17 113S TAKEOFFS, LARKSPUR, CO, USA

    The above are from a new 2016 4Runner Trail and have 6 (six!) miles on 4, and 0 on the spare. $400 picked up in Larkspur, PayPal in advance (13-yr Mud member). Best to email 303 681-1101 cell/text
  3. Tinker

    Wanted  Fj62 front hub parts

    Somehow critical parts were lost when my "new" 62 front hubs were disassembled (not by me). Anyway, I need two each of the parts in the box: Springs (2 different kinds), Pawls, & Clutches. The attached PDF from the FSM shows 'em. Best to email me: Thanks a bunch!
  4. Tinker

    4+ Shackle Pin Suppliers?

    Anyone know where I can get them? MAF sells only their anti-inversion shackles for the 60 but not the shackle pins (their only 4+ pins are for the 40). I really like the design with the grease grooves, not to mention the hardened steel.
  5. Tinker

    FJ60 Gas Gauge, Tach, & Clutch Cover

    Gas gauge & clutch cover off my '83, tach off my '84 when we did the 3-way (Vortec & 4L60E>'84, '84 2F & 4-speed>'83). Everything works. Temp gauge $10 Tach $15 Clutch cover $10 Best to email me:
  6. Tinker

    Whoever had 60 mudflaps, trans cover, & TC boots on eBay

    Missed out on bidding on the trans cover & TC shift boots: email me! (I searched already)
  7. Tinker

    Whoever had 60 mudflaps, trans cover, & TC boots on eBay

    Missed out on bidding on the trans cover & TC shift boots: email me! (I searched already)
  8. Tinker

    VSV Identification

    I have the below VSV off my '83 60 & the following is inscribed on the plate (^ represents an "up arrow"): Line 1: VACUUM ^ ^ T-0 Line 2: 084600-3330 12V Line 3: NIPPONDENSO JAPAN jmkfj60's has the following: Line 1: E^ F^ G^ Line 2: 89570-60060 Line 3: 084600-3390 12V...
  9. Tinker

    Frame Rust

    So I was crawling underneath the '84 trying to figure out how to route the air line for the rear ARB & spied this rust on the DS behind the crossmember that supports the park brake cable bracket. It's just in front of the front hanger for the rear spring. How do I repair this the best way...
  10. Tinker

    60 Engine Parts Plus...

    1983 FJ60 Engine Parts Plus... AS OF 03/29/09: NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED! IT GOES BY 03/31 OR I'M THROWING IT IN THE DUMPSTER! From my '83 60 (when it got the 2F from my '84): Aisin carb $150 SOLD Carb fan $30 Throttle linkage $10 SOLD Gas pedal cover $2 (free with $20 other parts)...
  11. Tinker

    Fj60 sbc conversion parts

    RETURNED TO DOWNEY FOR PARTIAL CREDIT - THANKS, JIM! The brainiacs that put the 5.7 Vortec/4L60E in my '84 FJ60 musta ordered everything they could think of from Downey & gave me the leftovers in boxes. Well, I finally decided to find out what it was, & lo & behold one box held a complete Fine...
  12. Tinker

    Mini Fuse Receptacle part #?

    Does anyone have a part # for the female fuse receptacle that fits the blank spots in the fuse panel for an '84 60? There are lots of blanks & I just hate in-line fuse holders.
  13. Tinker

    TSM Split Tcase Disc Brake Prototype #2

    Found out the yoke bolt pattern on my tcase is different than Turtle60's (who supplied a tcase half & yoke for prototype #1) so the TSM FJ40 tcase disc fits. Originally thought of mounting the cable to the frame but decided it wouldn't be good for the tcase brake to be activating when the...
  14. Tinker

    FJ40/45 FF disc brake conversion brackets $50

    Pair of semi-gloss black powder-coated brackets like these Rear Full Floater Disk Brake Conversion Found out the hard way they won't fit a 60 FF. My loss, your gain. $50 + actual FedEx ground (I have an account). Best to email me:
  15. Tinker

    Aussie Sliding Windows In & Trimmed!

    Finally got off my a** & with the help of Spook50 made a decision on the type of adhesive & trim to use: McMaster-Carr 75875A661 1/8x3/8 butyl-coated sealing tape & 24175K17 edge trim.
  16. Tinker

    Sound Like Alternator Brushes?

    So I searched & didn't find anything directly applicable. My trusty, "always starts" '83 "backup" 60 hardly turned over on New Year's after being driven a few hundred feet on Christmas. Few days later I checked the batt connections & cleaned 'em (didn't need it), put it on the charger, & snugged...
  17. Tinker

    Brake Pads: 4Runner Front & 60 Rear Discs?

    So I'm finally herding everything together for the serious brake upgrade & am looking for brake pad experiences. We're talking 4Runner calipers up front on a 62 axle, 60/62 calipers out back on a FF, Mountain 60/62 rotors all around, SS flex lines everywhere, & park brake prototype on the Xfer...
  18. Tinker

    High Pinions One More Time

    So I was amassing parts to be powdercoated yesterday for my suspension/axle/brake makeover & had a flashback looking at the 3rd member cases: they're different (d'oh)! Back in my noobie days I posted up about the possiblity of going high-pinion & someone pointed out that if you flipped the...
  19. Tinker

    Wanted  FJ60/62 Rear Hatch Glass

    Need glass only with good defroster lines & tabs. Can arrange pickup if in front range Colorado. PM me with condition, location, & price as I won't be checking this thread that often.
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