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    Loose Driver Seat Bolts

    Now that it's getting nice and I have some free time I will be able to address some niggly issues that have presented themselves on the Cruiser. One, maybe two of my front seat bolts can't be tightened and just spin. I searched and couldn't find a thread in the 80 forum addressing this. I feel...
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    Rear Brakes Question

    I will be replacing my rear rotors in the next two weeks. I also will need to adjust the Ebrake as it's not so excellent. I'll be putting new shoes on it as well. I have two questions. The rear axle seal has recently been redone, so aside from that are there other things I need to address while...
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    Headliner swap non-molded to molded

    Hi all- I've got a 93 with the non-molded headliner. My sunroof recently gave up the ghost. I think I'll need to drop the headliner to fix it. I know it would be much cheaper to just leave it closed forever but I really like rocking it whenever it's not raining/snowing. Since I'm looking at...
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    Trade  80 Series My ARB Front bumper for your shortbus (PNW)

    As title states I've got an ARB front bumper. Seeing if anyone is interested in swapping out their Slee Shortbus front for it. I would also consider the 4x4 labs front bumper. My bumper has been on for just about 6 months, in very good condition.
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    Death Valley trip looking for input

    Attention Mud Death Valley Experts! I will be making my first trip down to SoCal in my 80. Locked, Toyo AT3 33s, OEM subtank, may or may not have winch by then but should have a come-along. Also, may or may not have friend in stockish 2017 Taco joining. None of us have been to Death Valley...
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    93/94 Y pipe is trashed

    I've got an exhaust leak at the y pipe and an intermittent o2 sensor CEL due to the heat shield (i believe). Y pipe is toast. What are people doing to solve this these days? Much help appreciated.
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    For Sale  80 Series AC Compressor

    I bought a compressor on mud to replace mine but ended up buying a new one since I was converting the whole system from R12 -R134. Guy I bought it from said it worked and it came from a 96 - so R134. It's sat on my shelf for a year. Time to get rid of it. $25 + Shipping. I'm located in...
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    First time with AC and now funky idle issue

    So I bought this 93 nearly two years ago and it had a seized compressor. I just finally got the ac together - since it had r12 originally I had it flushed, new compressor, new expansion valve, and new drier - all oem denso. It ran strong yesterday and is blowing cold, easily keeping the truck...
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    Wanted  WTB - ABS Sensors(FZJ80)

    Looking for 80 series ABS Sensors. I have a 93 if that matters. Thanks. Jason
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    Thinking of trading my 80 for 100

    Hey all- I've got an FZJ80 that I recently have gotten close to how I want, however the lady isn't as enthusiastic about the truck as I am. Debating leaving the legendary 80 series for the more comfortable 100. I looked at the Slee guide to the 100 model updates over the years. Are there any...
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    For Sale  80 Series Bits Seattle

    Cleaning out my garage - SOLD Diff lock dial - $45 shipped SOLD Early style center diff lock switch -$45 shipped SOLD Seat covers (Gray) - Got these from another member just before I upgraded my seats. Could use a cleaning and there is one small tear. $30 Shipped SOLD Center caps gold...
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    Wanted  94 Electrical Wiring Diagram

    Hey all- Does anyone have an old wiring diagram for a 94 laying around? Would love to snag it. Thanks Jason
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    Crazy condensation on windows

    It the past few weeks as it's gotten cooler my car is experiencing a lot of condensation. So much so that I have to have the heat on the front windshield so high that I need to have the windows open. After work when I came out to the truck it looked like some teenagers had been making out in...
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    For Sale  80 Series Window Runs

    I just replaced the window runs on my truck. The old ones are a just little stiff in places and could use a cleaning, but in otherwise pretty good shape. I didnt need to replace them, a simple cleaning would have worked. Since you can get a set of 4 new for $225, I will sell you my old ones for...
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    Smashed Rear Door Window

    Some punk kid smashed my rear passenger door window last night. Just so happens that window has/had a factory tint on it. What have folks done to replace these to get them to match? Is a junkyard my best bet? Thanks
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    Noob looking to learn

    Hey all- I picked up a decent 94 several months ago and have been slowing banging out some of the maintenance that the previous owner had let build up. Is there anyone who'd be interested in help teach me with an axle rebuild? I'm located in Renton. Jason
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    Why's everybody bitching about cupholders?

    Just get square drinks like me!
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    Broken Rubber on Exhaust Mount

    After a pounding trip 50 mile back country excursion my exhaust made the most wretched squeal whenever I hit a bump and had a robust rattle while in D at a stop. After a short investigation it appeared that I had broken off the rear exhaust mount. The rubber piece was completely ripped out of...
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    For Sale  CL Seattle -

    Not affiliated, but no factory rack and ARB Bumper and priced right -
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    For Sale  80 Series Brush Guard

    I am selling the grill guard from my truck. I also have the matching rear tail light covers $150 for the brush guard (plus the ride) $50 for the tail light covers (plus the ride) Located in Seattle but I find myself in Portland area frequently.
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